Boom Bar Quiz: How to Choose The Right Hemp Supplement Bar For Your Dog

Take our quiz to find your pup’s perfect Boom Bar match!

You’ve most likely heard about our CBD-infused pet products, but have you heard about our hemp supplements for dogs? Although our Boom Bars do not contain any CBD, they do incorporate hemp protein powder sourced from the same USDA Certified Organic Hemp Farm where we source our CBD hemp oil from. Our Boom Bars are available in three different varieties: Energize, Recovery, and Longevity. We want to help you navigate which of the three varieties would be the best for your fur friend! Even though all three are great options for your dogs, we created a quiz to help break down the bar that would support your pup the most based on their specific needs.

1. Is your pup experiencing symptoms of old age?

A. Yes, my dog is showing signs of getting older.

B. Sometimes my dog can be a bit sleepy during the day, but that’s about it.

C. Some occasional joint stiffness after a long day of play.

2. Is your pup not as motivated when it’s time to go on a long walk or hike?

A. My dog is usually motivated, but sometimes can be a bit slower on a walk.

B. Yes, my dog would rather sleep all day than go on a walk.

C. Nope, my dog has all the energy in the world!

3. Does your pup experience some joint stiffness after a long walk or hike?

A. Yes, but mostly because of old age.

B. Not really.

C. Yes, it’s really hard for my dog to recuperate afterward walking or running.

4. Does your pup have trouble sleeping?

A. Yes, s/he can barely sleep through the night.

B. Nope, not really.

C. Sometimes.

5. Is your pup’s coat rough or soft?

A. More rough than soft.

B. My dog has always had a soft coat.

C. My Dog’s coat is somewhat soft.

6. What is your usual experience when bringing your dog to the dog park?

A. My dog is a senior pup and doesn’t really like going to the dog park.

B. My dog definitely needs an energy boost before playing with other dogs.

C. My dog needs a lot of help recovering after the dog park since s/he often wears themselves out!

7. Are you looking for a great way to support your pup’s digestive system?

A. Some occasional digestive support would be great.

B. Not necessarily.

C. Yes, my dog could use all of the digestive support!

8. Does your pup need help maintaining a healthy weight? Do they not get enough exercise daily?

A. Sometimes, but I always make sure to get their daily walks in.

B. Yes, my dog definitely needs more assistance with exercising daily!

C. My dog definitely gets enough exercise!

9. Which best describes how you currently feel about your dog’s health?

A. I’m starting to worry about my dog’s health as they start aging, they seem like they need additional support.

B. It slows me down when my dog doesn’t get as energetic as I need them to when we go on weekend hikes.

C. It seems that my dog has trouble relaxing after a long day of play at the park.

10. Which aspect of your pup’s life are you looking to support the most?

A. To help my senior dog look and feel their best.

B. To give my dog an all-natural energy boost before an activity.

C. To help my dog recharge after a strenuous walk or hike.


Now it’s time to calculate! Add up how many times you selected A, B, or C. The letter you answered the most to these questions is your pup’s perfect match!:

Mostly A’s: Longevity

If you chose mostly A’s, there’s a high chance that you have a senior dog or a dog that is beginning to show signs of aging. We know it can hurt to see your dog not being able to get around like they used to or start to look older. Whether your dog is struggling to move around, sleeping through the night, or has skin and coat issues, our Boom Bar Longevity is perfect for helping your dog look and feel younger! Longevity is filled with wonderful ingredients that can support a healthy coat, promote healthy bones, and have calming properties such as moringa, noni, and chamomile.

Mostly B’s: Energize

If you have a stubborn pup who sometimes lacks motivation when it’s time to get out in nature, our Boom Bar Energize is great for helping motivate them with a power boost! It contains beneficial ingredients that can help give your pup an all-natural push of energy like ginseng and apples.

Mostly C’s: Recovery

If you received mostly C’s, you probably have an active pup who needs help relaxing and recuperating after a long day! Luckily, we have our Recovery Boom Bar that can help with that! Recovery is filled with great ingredients that can help rejuvenate your pup’s muscles and bones for their next big activity, such as black pepper and turmeric!

Can I give my pup all three Boom Bars?

If you think your pup could benefit from all three Boom Bars, feel free to try out them all! When your pup suffers from more severe joint discomfort, situational anxiety, seasonal allergies, or other ailments, we’d recommend upgrading to one of our CBD Hemp Oils. Our Boom Bars can also make for a great additional supplement if you’re using our CBD pet products as well!

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