Our Commitment to Sustainability

Since the beginning, Pet Releaf has made it their goal to practice sustainability throughout the entire manufacturing process. On our mission to change what healthy means for pets, we only want to deliver the highest quality, all-natural products to benefit your pet companion’s overall wellness. This mission starts with where the hemp is grown all the way to the end consumer, your pets. From seed to sale, from plant to pet, we operate in a sustainable manner every step of the way.

Regenerative & Sustainable Farming

We align with regenerative, organic farms that practice reduce, reuse, and recycle principles for a gentler approach to sustainable farming. With regenerative agriculture, the farmers are not just sustaining the current land resource, but they are improving what is there, leaving it better for future generations. The approach to regenerative farming starts with conservation and rehabilitation which focuses on topsoil regeneration. This includes increasing biodiversity, improving water cycle, and increasing resilience to climate change. In return, this can strengthen the health and vitality of the farm soil.

We promote water security, cleanliness, and improve operational water-use efficiency in our agricultural supply chain in high water-risk areas. Our regenerative farmers now use 86% less water when they made the switch to organic hemp farming compared to the organic corn silage that was previously the main crop in the field. Through our vertical partnership, it has allowed our extraction partner to build their state-of-the-art extraction facility on the farmland itself. This saves significant greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating the need to transport the hemp biomass to another location.

Certified 100% Wind Power

As we oversee every step of our manufacturing process right here in Colorado, we are very selective with who we partner with. We are proud to work with sustainable manufacturers that utilize 100% renewable electricity and are certified 100% Wind Power. 

Research & Development

When it comes to researching and developing our products, we make choices to sustainably improve the quality, safety, and effectiveness of our portfolio of products. One of our largest partners/manufacturers utilizes 100% renewable electricity and is certified 100% Wind Power. It is also one of Pet Releaf’s most important policies as a company that all our manufacturing partners are currently or in the process of becoming Certified Organic.

Plant-Based Ingredient Sourcing

We are proud to say that many of our ingredients are sourced as Certified Organic. Some of our ingredients are also sourced from companies that prevent deforestation of sensitive geographies, such as rainforests. We also source sustainable, plant-based ingredients where and whenever available. Most of all inputs, ingredients, and packaging in our supply chains are sourced locally in Colorado to help reduce greenhouse gases that result from heavy diesel trains and tractor-trailers.

Future Hemp Environmental Impacts

To continue to enhance our sustainability standards, our goal is to further reduce, recycle, and reinvent our packaging by utilizing 100% recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable options.

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