About Us

Our Story

Pet Releaf was co-founded by Alina and Steve Smith to provide truly healthy products for our pet companions that will always be made with honesty and integrity.

The seed was planted in the early 2000s when we began to search for healthy food choices for our beloved collie mix, Mattie and our black cat, Shadow. We have always believed that less is often more in our family’s approach to both diet and health treatments, so it became a natural extension to include our pet companions in that lifestyle. Unfortunately, the “healthy” food selections actually had many of the same fillers and un-pronounceable chemicals found in the standard brands – they just had more clever packaging.

We knew there had to be a better way.

Why we started
Pet Releaf?

Then, in 2011, Mattie began turning life’s corner. She was suffering from discomfort that grew increasingly worse as the days went by. Our veterinarian had but one choice – prescribe opioid prescriptions. Yes, the discomfort went away but our loyal friend of 14 years was absent. Again, we knew there had to be a better way, but it was nearly impossible to find effective, natural alternatives. We found quite a few products that claimed to be “natural” or “holistic” but, once again, they almost always proved to be more of a marketing or packaging gimmick than a truly healthy choice.

We made the decision to create that “better way” and now, as Pet Releaf continues to grow and we expand our product offerings, we still hold on to our core principle of creating and making truly healthy hemp-derived CBD pet products with honesty and integrity.

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