CBD for Cats

Here at Pet Releaf, we consider our cats as equal members of the family. For that reason, we believe that CBD for cats should also be of the highest possible quality.From the food that they eat to the medications or supplements you give them, you should feel confident that they are natural, safe, and effective. That’s why we’ve focused on creating the highest quality CBD-infused products in the entire pet industry so that you never have to question what you’re giving your cats.
Many times, our customers turn to Pet Releaf when their beloved cat is suffering from illness or injury. This is a responsibility that we take extremely seriously, which is why we spent years researching and developing so that we could guarantee that our CBD for cats is not only the standard in the industry in terms of quality, but also the most effective.
From seed to sale, from plant to cat, our entire production process has been specialized so that no quality is sacrificed in any of the CBD for cats while they’re being manufactured.

Here’s what we guarantee as The Pet Releaf Difference:

  • Our hemp is grown at our certified USDA organic joint-venture hemp farm in eastern, Colorado
  • PR-33, our specialized hemp strain grown specifically for pets, selected because of it’s extremely beneficial cannabinoid profile for dogs and cats
  • We extract our full spectrum hemp oil using only pressurized air and never with toxic solvents and chemicals
  • No 12 syllable ingredients in any of our products
  • 3rd party testing for guaranteed potency
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