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Pet Releaf Edibites

Our CBD infused Edibites are handmade and baked in the Pet Releaf Colorado kitchen. After a year of extensive research and development, we’ve created a proprietary cooking method to ensure that the way our Edibites are baked does not impact the beneficial cannabinoids found in our certified USDA organic full spectrum CBD hemp oil.

Whether your dog is in incredible health or is suffering from illness or injury, our CBD infused Edibites are the immune system turbo boost they need. They contain human-grade ingredients, no fillers, and no chemical preservatives. Pet Releaf Edibites are also corn, soy, dairy, and wheat free. Our Edibites are made in the USA and 95% of our ingredients come from American farmers.

About Our Certified USDA Organic CBD Hemp Oil

Our CBD & hemp dog supplements, Edibites, are infused with our full spectrum certified USDA organic CBD hemp oil which is extracted from our proprietary strain of hemp, PR-33. PR-33 is grown at our joint-venture certified USDA organic hemp farm in eastern Colorado and was selected because it’s cannabinoid profile was the most optimal for pets. For CBD products to be as beneficial as possible, every cannabinoid naturally found in the hemp plant must be present, THC included. This is because all the cannabinoids in the hemp plant work together in what is called the “entourage effect,” this is why Pet Releaf never uses CBD isolate, CBD alone loses the majority if it’s medicinal benefits. The PR-33 strain is extremely high in the beneficial cannabinoid CBD and extremely low in THC at an almost undetectable level of 0.1%. PR-33 is a proprietary strain and will only ever be found in Pet Releaf products. We extract our CBD hemp oil using a super critical CO2 method, meaning we only use pressurized air to remove the CBD from the plant and never any toxic solvents or chemicals. Our CBD hemp oil uses the flowers, leaves, and some seeds so that our products contain the full spectrum CBD that is extracted from the plant as well as the protein benefits of the seeds.

Other Ingredients found in Pet Releaf Edibites

Every ingredient in our Edibites, along with our CBD hemp oil, was specifically selected because of the health benefits they provide for dogs. All these ingredients work together with our full spectrum CBD hemp oil to create an incredible daily supplement or “superfood smoothie” for your pet.

Our Regular CBD and hemp dog snacks contain 1.5mg Active CBD per Edibite and our large breed Edibites contain 3mg Active CBD per Edibite. Each bag contains between 30 Edibites.

Treat your furry friend with a batch of Pet Releaf’s dog calming treats today!

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