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Pet Releaf CBD for Pets

Changing What Healthy Means For Pets

At Pet Releaf, we believe our pets are equal members of the family. When we began developing our CBD hemp oil for pets it became clear that in order to manufacture not only the highest quality hemp-derived CBD pet products but also the most effective, we had to oversee the entire process, from seed to sale, from plant to pet

Whether your pet is a new rescue or they’ve been an important part of your family for years, there’s no question that you would do just about anything in your power to give them a happy and comfortable life. Hemp for pets is an excellent way to naturally enhance your pet’s everyday experience in countless ways.

Choosing The Best Natural Pet Products for Your Companion

Pet Releaf was founded to give pet owners a high-quality CBD supplement for some of the ordinary discomforts which pets experience on a daily basis. We oversee the entire production process, from seed to sale, from plant to pet, so there’s never any question about the quality of our products.

We source 100% of our hemp from the best U.S. family farms, using regenerative practices, and with hemp grown with no herbicides or pesticides.

Did you know that Pet Releaf’s hemp oil is 100% human-grade? It is! We are dedicated to manufacturing only the highest quality products for our furry friends.

Our wide range of natural CBD products for pets includes USDA Certified Organic Hemp Oil(which is administered directly to your pet), Liposomes Hemp Oil(which can be administered during or after mealtime), a variety of delicious Edibites flavors, and more!

Learn more about what sets Pet Releaf products apart from other CBD for pets to make your decision about which alternative pet health products to buy your furry friend from an educated standpoint.


Use Pet Releaf CBD for Pets to Support Health and Wellness

To ensure your pet was receiving the absolute best CBD hemp oil, we developed our own strain of hemp specifically for pets. Our farming partners literally walked ditch lines all over eastern Colorado. When our head geneticist/botanist performed his analysis, Pet Releaf chose the cannabinoid profile (the medicinally beneficial compounds found in hemp) we found best for animals.

CBD can support your pet’s overall health by activating the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This vital system can affect your pet’s digestion, heart health, cognition, and memory, so there is no shortage of potential CBD oil benefits your pet might enjoy. Plus, our natural pet products are created with high-quality ingredients, each of which is specifically chosen to improve one or more aspects of your pet’s overall wellness.

On our blog, we answer the most pressing questions about Pet Releaf’s CBD products for pets, from in-depth topics like organic farming processes to the most basic of queries: What is CBD Oil for Dogs? These educational resources are designed to give you as much confidence as possible when deciding how to use hemp for pets.


Open The Door to A More Comfortable Lifestyle for You and Your Pet

Depending on your pet’s health needs, it’s probably difficult for you to often leave them on their own. Even if your four-legged companion isn’t necessarily sick, but simply experiences separation stress or seems out of sorts, it likely pains you to say goodbye. As devout pet lovers, we completely understand this and it’s what fuels our desire to provide safe and effective alternative pet health options!

We extract our full spectrum CBD hemp oil using only super critical CO2 extraction. This is a fancy way of saying we use only pressurized air and extremely low temperatures to safely and effectively obtain every beneficial cannabinoid found in our hemp and ensure they are in the final Pet Releaf products your pet consumes.

In addition to its health benefits, CBD oil for pets may assist with issues like situational stress to give you and your pet a better peace of mind.

Made in Colorado

Our CBD-infused Edibites are produced right here in Colorado. We have a dedicated team who come in every single day to make every Edibite with quality and consistency as their number one goal.

3rd Party

Every month, each of our products is sent out for 3rd party laboratory testing where they are tested for guaranteed potency, CBD and THC levels, and to ensure no toxic solvents or chemicals were used in our extraction process.

Product Testing

From plant
to pet

It's our promise to always put your pet's health first, which is why our products are always all-natural made with the highest quality ingredients. Not seeing the results you are looking for? We offer a 100% guarantee on all Pet Releaf products. From our family to yours, we wish you good health!

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