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CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs

Few things in life bring animal lovers more joy than their own pets, which is exactly what makes it so hard to watch your furry friends grapple with the inevitable discomfort that pops up over the course of their lifetimes. While it’s always a good idea to seek the help of a vet for specific ailments, Pet Releaf’s CBD hemp oil for dogs can prove a valuable addition to your pet’s routine with a wide range of potential health benefits.

Hemp Oil Benefits for Pets

The potential positive impact of full spectrum hemp oil on a pet’s life can be endless. Whether your four-legged companion struggles with joint discomfort, situational stress, or something in between, there’s a good chance that hemp oil may help.

Pet owners who have never utilized CBD for dogs in the past and are interested in learning about the hemp oil benefits for pets will find a wealth of information on our pet health blog. We cover useful topics like:

Give Yourself and Your Pet A More Relaxed Lifestyle

It’s clear that full-spectrum CBD hemp oil has the potential to give your companion a calmer countenance, but working hemp oil into your pet’s routine can actually improve your life as well! When you don’t need to worry so much about your pet’s comfort and wellbeing, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the ride of life more freely.

Choose Pet Releaf Hemp Oil for Quality and Care

At Pet Releaf, we believe in giving pets the same respect as any other member of the family; that’s why our USDA Certified Organic hemp oil for pets is 100% human-grade, and why we invest so much time and effort into upholding our products’ quality at every stage of production, from seed to sale, from plant to pet.

We offer a range of hemp oils for sale, including liposome hemp oil which can be administered during or after mealtime, while other hemp oils must be administered directly to your pet. Our hemp oil capsules and Edibites are also great ways to provide your dog with quality hemp oil that you can trust is safe.

The same CBD hemp oil is used in all Pet Releaf products in varying potencies depending on the product line.

Whether you’ve been dabbling in CBD hemp oil for dogs for years, or you’re just learning about what’s available, Pet Releaf is here to help—get started on your pet’s hemp oil journey today.


Pet Releaf Edibites ®

At Pet Releaf, we are on a mission to change what healthy means for pets™. We oversee the process from seed to sale, from plant to pet™, to bring you the highest quality pet products. Our full spectrum hemp is sourced from family farms in Colorado, using regenerative practices, and is grown with no herbicides or pesticides. Each veterinarian formulated Edibite is made with  full spectrum hemp extract and incorporates all-natural ingredients to support everyday wellness and optimal body function.

Whether your dog is in incredible health or is struggling with a specific health need, our CBD infused Edibites are the immune system turbo boost they need. They contain human-grade ingredients, no fillers, and no chemical preservatives. Pet Releaf Edibites are also corn, soy, dairy, and wheat free.

Other Ingredients found in Pet Releaf Edibites

Every ingredient in our Edibites, along with our CBD hemp oil, was specifically selected because of the health benefits they provide for dogs. All these ingredients work together with our full spectrum CBD hemp oil to create an incredible daily supplement for your pet.

Our Regular Pet Releaf Edibites contain 1.5mg Active CBD per Edibite and our Large Breed Edibites contain 3mg Active CBD per Edibite. Each bag contains between 30 Edibites.

Treat your furry friend with a batch of Pet Releaf’s dog calming Edibites today!

Canna Care:

Our Canna Care is a CBD-infused topical that was lovingly created by Pet Releaf and our experts specifically for your pet companions. While our CBD hemp oils, CBD capsules, and Edibites focus on helping your dog from the inside, our Canna Care was developed to take care of the outside. Canna Care is 100% vegan and is made with all plant-based ingredients.

Other Ingredients found in Pet Releaf Canna Care:

As with all Pet Releaf products, every ingredient has been hand-selected to amplify the health benefits of CBD. Just a couple of the incredibly valuable ingredients found in Canna Care are Andiroba Oil, which promotes skin healing and Ucuuba Butter, which has high amounts of important fatty acids, making it exceptional at supporting your dog’s skin health. We’ve also included a very low concentrated Eucalyptus Oil and Wintergreen Oil which works with a natural terpene found in cannabis called Nerolidol to penetrate the CBD hemp oil past the protective layers of skin. This is Pet Releaf Canna Care is the best CBD hemp oil topical on the market for pets or humans.

Our 1oz Canna Care Topical contains 31mg of Active CBD.

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