All you need to know about Pet Releaf's Subscription Service!

Save 15% off your subscription orders!

Would you like to receive your Pet Releaf automatically without having to remember to order? This subscription service gives you exactly that. Join and receive your delivery every 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 weeks, or 2 months plus you’ll receive 10% off each order for signing up and free shipping.

It’s simple! Go to your favorite Pet Releaf product and select the subscription choice right under “Choose a Purchase Plan”. The process from that point on is exactly the same as when you buy any Pet Releaf product: review your cart, enter your billing, shipping and credit card information, and you are good to go!

With our Subscription Service you can:

– Save 10% on all products!

– Limited time offer for 20% off on first Autoship order for new subscribers

– Every 6th Renewal is FREE!

– Receive Free Shipping.

– Forget about remembering to refill and revisit, as we take care of your pet’s monthly shopping! No need to revisit the site to purchase again (unless you want to change your Subscription Service or buy something else).

– Multiple subscriptions for multiple Pet Releaf Products!

Yes! In order for us to process your purchase automatically, we need to have your shipping information; which is only possible with an account. Furthermore, having an account will allow you to track and manage all your subscriptions. But don’t worry! Creating an account is extremely easy and FREE. You can create your account during checkout or HERE. Simply choose your favorite Pet Releaf product and begin your subscription.

All subscriptions can be viewed and managed via your Pet Releaf account. You can sign up or log in HERE. You can also update your payment methods!

We are currently offering a subscription service that renews every 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, and every 2 months. For example, with a monthly subscription, if you purchase your Pet Releaf product on June 1st, we will process the next subscription period on July 1st and on that same date each month moving forward. Once this happens, we will ship your products to your home right away!

As many as you want! You can subscribe to multiple products or even ALL of them.

We allow subscription upgrades and downgrades! If you need to change your product SIZE (large breed, trial or standard) or product QUANTITY, you can do so from the SAME subscription you already have. Simply 1) Go to your Account 2) Click on Subscriptions 3) Find the subscription that you want to upgrade or downgrade 4)  click on the “Change product size or quantity” button 5) make your selection and simply follow the checkout process. It’s important to note that, on an upgrade/downgrade, you will be charged the difference between your new quantity/size and your original one on the first payment and then, from that point on, you will be charged the corresponding new subscription amount.
For change of FLAVORS, for example change from an Edibite Crunchy Peanut Butter & Banana to an Edibite Crunchy Blueberry & Cranberry flavor, you will need to create a new, separate subscription and cancel your existing one from your account as these are considered different products. Process is the same as any subscription, Chose subscription service from Product detail page, add to cart and off you go!

Yes! You will be notified 24 hours before the subscription is about to renew by email. Once the subscription renewal has been processed and we ship your product, you will receive an email notification with shipping information.

If your subscription has not been renewed automatically, you may have an incorrect or expired payment method on your account.

It’s important to always have up to date credit card information on your account. If you have continued issues, please call our office at 1-844-646-1646.

We do NOT store any financial information in our servers. We use a secure and encrypted payment gateway that takes care of this for us so all your information is always secure and never seen or modified by anyone but you.

You sure can! All shipping and payment details can be modified by visiting the Your Account section. Make sure you make all/any changes before Midnight on your subscription renewal date.

All subscriptions can be canceled and managed via your Pet Releaf account. Your subscription will cancel immediately. You can access your account or create one HERE.

Yes! If your subscription is canceled for any reason, you will receive an email notification.

Please contact us HERE and we will review your case and address it as soon as possible.

If you have any subscription issues, you can contact us anytime HERE and fill out our contact form. You can also call us at 1-844-646-1646 so you can talk to a real person about any subscription questions or issues. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Also, we would love to hear your feedback on our new Pet Releaf Subscription Service!