Our Commitment to Sustainability

How We Do It

Regenerative & Sustainable Farming

We work with farms that focus on topsoil regeneration — working to increase biodiversity, improve water cycle, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and increase resilience to climate change. The result is soil that is more resilient for future generations.

Water-Use Efficiency and 100% Wind Power

Since switching from corn silage to organic hemp farming, our farmers are now able to use 86% less water. We’re also proud to partner with value-aligned manufacturers when it comes to wind, working with those who utilize 100% renewable electricity and are certified 100% Wind Power.

Plant-based Ingredients

We source sustainable, plant-based ingredients whenever possible, and are proud that many have been certified USDA Organic. Most of our ingredients and packaging materials are sourced locally in Colorado to help reduce greenhouse gases that result from heavy diesel trains and tractor trailers.

Research & Development

Our team is constantly working to improve our sustainability practices. One of our biggest initiatives is supporting each of our manufacturers in the process of becoming Certified Organic.

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