4 Pet Releaf Products You Can Stuff in Your Pet’s Stocking

We have stocking-size holiday gifts for your pets!

If you’re wondering what to put in your dog’s Christmas stocking this year, Pet Releaf has you covered! Pet Releaf’s Boom Bars, trial-size Edibites, Canna Care Topical 1oz, and 10-pack CBD Hemp Oil Capsules are the perfect size for your fur friend’s stocking.

Boom Bars

Our hemp protein supplements, Boom Bars, are available in 3 different varieties. Energize, Recovery, and Longevity all serve a pet’s purpose on Christmas day. If your family likes to get out for a hike on Christmas morning, our Energize Boom Bar can help provide a natural boost to keep your fur family moving! Our Recovery Boom Bar is an excellent way to help your dog recuperate after a long day of roughhousing with fur cousins on the holiday. While our Longevity Boom Bar is an ideal gift for your senior companion by helping them maintain youthfulness from the inside and out!

Trial-size Edibites

Our trial-size CBD-infused Edibites are a foolproof gift for your pup—especially if they’ve never tried CBD before. Pet Releaf’s trial-size Edibites are a great way to see how CBD can help  support your pup’s overall health and/or aid with minor ailments. We have trial-size Edibites available in every flavor so give your fur friend a taste-test before committing to a full bag! Our Crunchy Edibites are available in Blueberry & Cranberry and Peanut Butter & Banana, while our Soft Chew Edibites are available in Peanut Butter & Carob Swirl, Sweet Potato Pie, Sushi, and Pizza flavors. Each bag contains 10 Edibites, with 2mg of active CBD per soft chew Edibite and 1.5mg of active CBD per crunchy Edibite. Yum!

Canna Care Topical 1oz

Does your dog often get into itchy situations? If you nodded yes to yourself just now, then our Canna Care Topical may be the best stocking stuffer for your pup! Pet Releaf’s award-winning Canna Care is made with 100% plant-based ingredients and can help with dry skin, skin irritations, insect bites, and more. So if your pup experiences cracked paws in the winter months, rubbing some Canna Care on their paws could help relieve the discomfort. Available in a 1oz container, the small size fits perfectly in your purse or backpack so it’s easily accessible when you’re on-the-go!

Capsule 10-pack

If you’re looking for a stronger potency CBD hemp oil to aid with more severe ailments, we’d recommend trying out our Capsule 10-pack. This pack includes 10 CBD Hemp Oil Capsules that contain our organic full spectrum CBD hemp extract mixed with organic coconut oil (MCT) inside of a vegan capsule. Each capsule contains 15mg of active CBD, with 150mg of active CBD per pack!


Ready to stuff your pet’s stocking? Shop our Pet Releaf products; Boom Bars, Crunchy Edibites, Soft Chew Edibites, Canna Care Topical, and CBD Hemp Oil Capsules!

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