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Everything About Pet Releaf’s Proprietary Hemp Strain for Pets, PR-33

Oct 10, 2017

We planted a proprietary hemp strain grown specifically for pets.

One of the most important things you should know about hemp for pets is where the hemp is being grown. We’re proud that we grow PR-33 at the largest USDA certified organic farm in the United States.

What’s a proprietary hemp strain?

A proprietary hemp strain means that Pet Releaf has exclusive ownership and possession over utilizing this specific strain. No other CBD or hemp companies of any sort are able to use this strain in their products. PR-33 will ever only be found in Pet Releaf products.

What makes this hemp different from other hemp strains?

There are a several things that make our hemp so specialized for pet products.

It’s USDA certified organic

We are the only company in the pet industry who is utilizing USDA certified organic hemp, and we proudly have the paperwork to prove it. The only things that touch our plant while they are being grown are water and sunlight.

It’s specialized specifically for pets

Our farming partners literally walked fence and ditch lines all over eastern Colorado to obtain feral hemp strains. When our lead geneticist/botanist performed his analysis, Pet Releaf chose the cannabinoid profile we found best for animals.

It’s undetectable level of THC

The reason PR-33 was chosen as our proprietary strain is due to its very low THC profile in relation to the other cannabinoids, particularly CBD. Our plants have an average of 0.1% THC whereas the legal limit is 0.3% THC. The marijuana-hemp hybrids being used by other Colorado hemp farmers will be right at the 0.3% limit, sometimes over when the actual harvest is done. That means Pet Releaf will have no chance whatsoever of getting our loved ones “stoned” but still have sufficient THC to bring the “entourage effect” provided by using a full spectrum/whole plant oil.

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