Rescue Releaf

With Your Help, We've Donated:

over 15,000 products , equivalent to neary $300,000,
to 200+ rescue organizations and counting with our Rescue Releaf initiative.

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"Products with a purpose. Providing Releaf to the animals who need it most!"

- Chelsea Gennings
Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of Pet Releaf

At Pet Releaf, we're on a mission to change what healthy means for pets. At the core of that mission is ensuring our products are widely available to at-risk dogs and cats currently within shelters and rescues throughout the United States and beyond. The impact our CBD hemp pet products can have on increasing the quality of life and health statuses of these animals searching for forever homes is immeasurable.


Since the start, we have made it a priority to work directly with 501©3 organizations to provide them with easier access to Pet Releaf products. We hope that our donations can help support the animals in their care, the animals being fostered, and the animals being adopted.
We also look to offer long term support to these rescue organizations by assisting them with retailing our products as well as continuous donation through our affiliate partnerships.

Our Rescue Partners: