Why Carry Pet Releaf Products?

As the pioneer in the industry when it comes to CBD products for pets, we know how confusing the CBD space can be. With more and more manufacturers entering the space, we are extremely proud to be the only company that controls our entire manufacturing process, from seed to sale and from plant to pet.™

Not all CBD products are equal. Pet Releaf CBD pet products are the number one most trusted CBD brand in the pet industry. Here are some reasons why you can feel good about selling Pet Releaf CBD pet products:

  • We’re the only company in the pet industry with USDA Organic Certifications on both our hemp and our handlers. In fact, our hemp is grown at our own joint-venture hemp farm located in eastern Colorado. It is the largest USDA organic hemp farm in the United States and we’re the only pet company they work with! Why does organic hemp matter? It could mean the difference between a completely safe or potentially toxic product. Read more here. Every summer we invite our retail partners out to the farm to take a look at our yearly harvest!
  • We have our own specialized strain of Certified USDA Organic hemp, PR-33. PR-33 was selected because it’s cannabinoid profile (the medicinally beneficial natural compounds found in cannabis) was found to be the most optimal for pets. It’s extremely high in CBD (even compared to other strains of hemp) and extremely low in THC (the cannabinoid primarily found in marijuana that gets mammals stoned). PR-33 is a proprietary hemp strain meaning it will only ever be found in Pet Releaf CBD pet products. In 2017, we harvested over 200 acres of PR-33!
  • Our CBD-infused Edibites are handmade and baked in our Pet Releaf kitchen. We have a dedicated team of bakers who come in every single day to make every batch with quality and consistency as our number one priority. Our Edibites are made with only wholefood & human grade ingredients.
  • We extract our full spectrum hemp oil using only super critical CO2 extraction. This is a fancy way of saying we use only pressurized air and extremely low temperatures to safely and effectively remove every beneficial cannabinoid from our hemp material. Why does having a full spectrum hemp extract matter? Read more here. Most CBD manufacturers use toxic solvent extraction which uses Ethanol & Butane to remove the cannabinoids from the hemp plant, almost always leaving residual amounts of these harsh chemicals in the final product. Also commonly used is CBD isolate. CBD isolate takes toxic solvent extraction to the next level; where these toxically extracted oils are then exposed to chemicals like pentane and hexane to physically leach the CBD molecule out of the cannabis plant, destroying all other beneficial cannabinoids necessary to achieve the Entourage Effect.
  • No ingredients from China, ever. It’s our promise to source as many organic ingredients from the United States as possible, with ingredient integrity being our number one priority. 95% of our ingredients are farmed right here in the United States by our family farming partners. We want you to be selling Pet Releaf CBD pet products you can feel good about!
  • Monthly 3rd party testing to test for guaranteed potency, CBD and THC levels, and to prove no toxic solvents or chemicals were used in our extraction process. Check our latest testings here.

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Still unsure of how to know which CBD brand is the safest and most effective option for
your customers? Here are the 5 questions to ask when comparing CBD brands:

  1. 1. Where is their
    hemp grown?

    Pet Releaf: We grow our own! 100% of our PR-33 hemp strain is grown at our joint-venture farm in Colorado.
    Other companies: Private labeled from unverifiable sources.

  2. 2. Organic

    Pet Releaf: We have USDA Certifications for our hemp & our handlers! Check out our certifications here.
    Other companies: Commonly claiming organic without appropriate certifications.

  3. 3. What extraction method
    are they using?

    Pet Releaf: Super critical CO2 extraction.
    Other companies: Toxic solvent extraction, including Butane, Ethanol, and Acetone.

  4. 4. Are they using
    CBD isolate?

    Pet Releaf: We never use CBD isolate, we only ever use CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp oil.
    Other companies: Commonly using CBD isolate, 90% imported from China.

  5. 5. How much CBD is in
    their products?

    Pet Releaf: Consistent 3rd party testing with CBD amounts clearly stated on all labels.
    Other companies: Unknown amounts of actual CBD, with little to no 3rd party testing.

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