Give Your Pet A Taste Of Thanksgiving With Pet Releaf

On Thanksgiving Day, we hope you’re surrounded by loved ones and a table full of delicious food! Just like you, we view our pets as equal members of the family, which is why we have two fall flavors of CBD Chews for Dogs that are reminiscent of Thanksgiving. Our Blueberry & Cranberry Daily Releaf Edibites and Sweet Potato Pie Digestive Releaf Edibites not only can support your dog’s overall health but can help your pets feel like they were saved a seat at the dinner table this holiday season!

Blueberry & Cranberry Daily Releaf Edibites

Imagine dishing out some cranberry sauce on your plate, but in a soft chew bite for your dog! Our Blueberry & Cranberry Daily Releaf Edibites contain pieces of dried cranberries in every bite and may help support a healthy immune system. Each Small & Medium Breed soft chew contains 1.5mg of active CBD per bite and each Large Breed soft chew contains 3mg of active CBD per bite!

Plus, our Chews for Dogs have obtained the USDA Organic Certification as well as the NASC Quality Seal, to ensure the highest quality product for your pet companion.

Sweet Potato Pie

Give your pet a taste of your favorite dessert in a healthier way with our Sweet Potato Pie flavor! Our Digestive Releaf Edibites in Sweet Potato Pie flavor are great for pups who may suffer from occasional gastric upset. Along with CBD, they contain functional ingredients like marshmallow root and ginger to promote a healthy digestive tract in your dog’s body. Each Small & Medium Breed soft chew contains 2mg of active CBD per bite and each Large Breed soft chew contains 5mg of active CBD per bite!

Just like our Daily Releaf Chews, our Digestive Chews for Dogs have been awarded the USDA Organic Seal and the NASC Quality Seal to bring your pets the very best CBD products.

What can my dog use Blueberry & Cranberry Edibites and Sweet Potato Pie Edibites for?

It’s giving season, which means it’s time to give your dogs the gift of health this holiday. Our Blueberry & Cranberry and Sweet Potato Pie flavors incorporate all-natural, functional ingredients to further support your pet’s wellness. Our Blueberry & Cranberry Edibites may help support a healthy immune system in your dog’s body. These are a wonderful soft chew to supplement your dog daily to keep your healthy puppy feeling their best and to further support your dog’s health.

Our Sweet Potato Pie Edibites contain marshmallow root and ginger to provide additional support to your dog’s digestive system. They can be administered to your dog if they’re experiencing occasional gastric upset or need additional digestive support.

How do I administer Edibites to my dog?

Administering CBD chews to your puppy or senior dog is a convenient way to supplement your dog’s CBD daily. We believe administering CBD to your dog is important at every age to help their bodies reach optimum levels of health.

Every bag of Edibites includes a recommended CBD dosage for dogs. Whether you have a small or large dog, the product label will provide a dosage recommendation amount based on your pet’s weight. As every pet is different, some pets require more or less CBD for it to work for them. It can take some playing around with the dosage amount to see which is most effective for your pet. As there are no known overdoses on a full-spectrum CBD product, you can feel free to administer more than the recommendation if needed.

Can I administer CBD to my pets to support their holiday stress?

Absolutely! All of our Edibites contain CBD. CBD may help promote calmness and relaxation especially during stressful situations, such as holiday festivities. Whether you have a lot of company coming over for a Thanksgiving dinner or there are fireworks sounding off in your area for New Year’s Eve, you may want to consider administering CBD to help your pets feel calmer during the holidays.

If your pet experiences high levels of stress, you may want to try our Stress Releaf Hemp Oil. Our Hemp Oils and Edibites make the perfect combination as you can administer the oil in the mornings/evenings and supplement the Edibites throughout the day as needed.

kid holding puppy during holidays

Where can I purchase these two Edibites flavors for Thanksgiving Day?

Stock up before the holiday season! At Pet Releaf, we partner with over 7,000+ independent retailers all across the United States! You can order directly from our site or find a store near you using our store locator.

Not sure what product would be the best for your pet? Use our filters or reach out to us for a personalized recommendation.

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