How to give a cat CBD

Jul 30, 2021

Cat parents may be considered lucky if they a cat that is not picky. As most cats show signs of being finicky with cat treats and food, it can be a miracle when you find the essentials that they love. Oftentimes, it may feel hopeless searching for supplements that can support your cat’s overall health status when they turn their nose to most products. Luckily, Pet Releaf offers CBD for cats with different administration methods and flavors to suit your cat’s specific tastebuds.

How to get a cat to take an oil

a dropper of CBD oil being put in a cats dish


Whether your feline friend would be open to taking CBD from a dropper or would love it administered during mealtime, Pet Releaf offers options for each preference. Our USDA Organic Hemp Oil 100 only contains two ingredients: organic full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD and organic coconut oil. This oil in particular is most effective when administered on an empty stomach. This is perfect for cats who wouldn’t mind taking oil directly from a dropper or licking it up from a spoon or empty food bowl.

Does administering oil on an empty stomach not sound like your cat’s cup of tea? Don’t worry, our Liposome Hemp Oil 100 uses liposomal technology that makes it possible to administer during or after mealtime without losing any effectiveness. Many cats tend to take a liking to this oil since it’s mixed with a sustainably sourced Wild Alaskan Red Pollock Oil as most cats enjoy a fishier flavor.

Getting a cat to take a chew

Does your cat prefer a hard or soft chew? It all depends on their preference. Although Pet Releaf does not currently carry any CBD chews for cats, many cats have grown to love our Sushi Chews for Dogs. Our Edibites are catered to dogs, but our Sushi flavor incorporates ingredients that may be satisfying to your cat. The Sushi Edibites integrate the same sustainably sourced Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil that we use in our Liposome Hemp Oils. They are soft chews, so they can be easily broken or cut up into fours or smaller. As cats are smaller than dogs, they may not require as much CBD that is listed on the recommended usage amounts for dogs. Try administering a fourth of an Edibite at a time and you can always supplement more if needed. There are no known overdoses on full spectrum CBD, so amounts can be altered per cat’s specific need.

When should I administer?

For the best results on your cat’s overall health, administer cat CBD daily. CBD can support a healthy immune system, which can help keep your healthy cat healthy. If you’re not looking for a supplement to administer daily, you can always administer CBD on an as-needed basis. Whether your cat gets nervous around company or thunderstorms, try administering CBD about an hour before a stressful event to help promote calmness and relaxation. If your cat experiences occasional joint stiffness after a long day of play and zoomies around the house, try administering CBD afterwards to help support joint flexibility and mobility.

How long does CBD for cats take to kick in?

A cat sitting in a basket staring out the window

It all depends on the pet, but most cat parents notice a difference about 30 minutes to an hour after administering. If you’re not seeing results, check out our CBD troubleshooting guide.

Can I give my cat more CBD?

Yes! You can always administer more CBD if needed. There are no known overdoses on a full spectrum CBD product for pets. We have recommended usage amounts on all of our packaging depending on your cat’s weight. As all pets are different, some may require more or less CBD for it to work for them. Start with the recommended amount and if you feel like you need to increase or decrease the amount for next time, start tailoring the amounts per pet.

The benefits of CBD for cats

CBD offers many benefits for pets, which is why it can be such a vital supplement to administer to your cat daily. CBD can support a healthy immune system, a normal inflammatory response, promote calmness and relaxation, a healthy digestive system, and more.

If you’re unsure if CBD is the right choice for your cat, try out our Product Finder! Our Product Finder offers a custom product recommendation based on your pet’s age, weight, and specific health concern. Don’t worry, if you try a product and don’t see any results or your cat just isn’t taking a liking to it no matter what, we offer a 30 day return guarantee on all of our products. Feel free to contact our customer support team at [email protected] for additional administering help.

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