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Hemp Oil 100

Previously Hemp Oil 330
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

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  • 100 mg
  • Small
  • Dog & Cat

Key Ingredients

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

We control the entire manufacturing process from seed to sale, from plant to pet.


Our pets are like family, and your pet deserves the best care you can provide. Pet Releaf’s CBD Hemp Oil 100 For Dogs (previously known as, CBD Hemp Oil 330) may help support a normal inflammatory response for your dog by using the natural health benefits of CBD. Hemp Oil 330 is loaded with 100mg of active CBD per bottle and can be given to small dogs and cats to help promote calmness and joint discomfort. Every dropper offers 5.5mg of natural CBD Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with no known negative side effects!

This means that your pet can enjoy all the natural health benefits of CBD while also gaining access to the medicinal benefits of over 100 cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that make up our proprietary hemp strain. We don’t use any solvents in our hemp oil because we think that your pet deserves pure organic goodness. We control our entire manufacturing process—from seed to sale—to ensure that our commitment stands.

We extract the oil from organic hemp plants that have been developed specifically for pets, and all our CBD hemp oils are tested rigorously to ensure the highest quality natural product. To find out for yourself why Pet Releaf has become the #1 trusted CBD brand for pets, purchase a bottle of Hemp Oil 330 for your dog and/or cat today.

Bottle Potency Composition
Each dropper contains 5.5 mg of Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
(contains 3.3 mg CBD and naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids)

Each bottle contains 100 mg of Active CBD


The Pet Releaf Difference

Pet Releaf only uses certified organic CBD from the whole hemp plant – not the marijuana plant. By having our own proprietary hemp strain just for pets, using CO2 extraction methods and consistently testing through 3rd party laboratories for potency and efficacy, Pet Releaf has become the #1 trusted CBD brand in the pet world.

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  • Rebecca Morro

    AMAZING! This product has done wonders for my dogs separation stress! I was giving 3 chews a day until I found the oils! Would highly recommend this to anyone! Long time customer here!

  • Lindsay Hecklinger

    This stuff is a game changer! Our golden retriever/cocker mix, Baylee, is almost 12 and has terrible back legs. She still thinks she is a puppy, so will often run in the back yard after squirrels and will try to play with her little brother, Phineas. Lately, we have been having to leash her in the yard to prevent her from running because she was beginning to need help up more often than not. We have been awakened in the middle of the night by her heart-wrenching cries when she gets stuck in an uncomfortable position and doesn’t have the leg strength to get out of it on her own. We started her on Pet Releaf products on October 15, 2017 and what a difference it has made. Since then, I can count on one hand the number of times she has needed assistance to get up AND she is back to no leash!! She loves to run the fence with the neighbor dog; just yesterday, she ran so hard that she fell, rolled into the bush, cried a little cry and popped back up for more! Usually, that would mean we’d be in for a LONG night of discomfort, but not with Pet Releaf!!! She didn’t need us at all and never even struggled to get up!!! Now don’t get me wrong, she is still an old girl and is slow moving (if she isn’t chasing something), but she is at least slow moving without discomfort!

  • Michael

    Great product and we believe it has helped our Bulldog during her treatment.

The perfect amount for your pet

Hemp Oil 330

Dog Weight                   Hemp Oil 330 Usage                Bottle Usage

1-25lbs                                 1.5 full droppers/day                     20 days

26-50lbs                             2.5 full droppers/day                      15 days

Cat Weight                   Hemp Oil 330 Usage                Bottle Usage

1-15lbs                                  1 full dropper/day                         30 days

Over 15lbs                           1.5 full droppers/day                     20 days

Split the recommended usage between the AM/PM and administer on an empty stomach.


Administration instructions for other Pet Releaf hemp oil products:

Hemp Oil 700 — 200mg

Dog Weight                   Hemp Oil 700 Usage

1-25lbs ………………….. 0.75 full droppers/day

26-50lbs ………………….. 1.5 full droppers/day

51-75lbs ………………….. 2 full droppers/day

76-100lbs  ………………….. 2.75 full droppers/day


Hemp Oil 1700 — 500mg

Dog Weight                   Hemp Oil 1700 Usage

26-50lbs ………………….. 0.5 full dropper/day

51-75lbs ………………….. 1 full droppers/day

76-100lbs ………………….. 1.5 full droppers/day

101-150lbs ………………….. 2 full droppers/day

150lbs + ………………….. 2.75 full droppers/day


Your pet will love this!

Active Ingredients per Dropper (1mL):

  • Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extract….5.5 mg
    (contains 3.3 mg CBD and naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids)

Inactive Ingredients:
Organic Coconut Oil (MCT)

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