Give Your Pet A Taste Of Thanksgiving With Pet Releaf

Nov 20, 2019

It’s giving season!

On Thanksgiving Day, we hope you’re surrounded by your loved ones and a table full of delicious food! Just like you, we view our pets as equal members of the family, which is why we have two fall flavors of Edibites that are reminiscent of Thanksgiving. Our Blueberry & Cranberry Edibites and Sweet Potato Pie Edibites not only can support your dog’s overall health but can help your pets feel like they were saved a seat at the dinner table this holiday season!

Blueberry & Cranberry 

Imagine dishing out some cranberry sauce on your plate, but in a crunchy bite for your dog! Our Crunchy Blueberry & Cranberry Edibites contain pieces of dried cranberries in every bite and are perfect for those dogs who love a good crunch. Each Regular Edibite contains 1.5mg of active CBD per bite and each Large Breed Edibite contains 3mg of active CBD per bite!

Crunchy Blueberry & Cranberry

Sweet Potato Pie

Give your fur friend a taste of your favorite dessert, in a healthier way with our Sweet Potato Pie flavor! Our Grain-Free Sweet Potato Pie Soft Chew Edibites are great for senior pups and puppies who may have more trouble chewing. Plus, they’re as soft as a slice of pie! Each Regular Edibite contains 2mg of active CBD per bite and each Large Breed Edibite contains 5mg of active CBD per bite!

Soft-Chew Sweet Potato Pie

How can these flavors benefit my pup’s health?

Administering Pet Releaf Edibites to your puppy or senior dog is a convenient and beneficial way to supplement your dog’s CBD daily. We believe administering CBD to your dog is important at every age to help their bodies reach optimum levels of health. At Pet Releaf, we research and test only the most effective and high quality ingredients to find the most valuable additions for your pet’s health!

Blueberries and cranberries both contain antioxidants, which makes our Blueberry & Cranberry Edibites flavor an appetizing way to support a healthy immune system in your dog’s body. Studies have shown that increasing your dog’s antioxidant intake may also help support cognitive function. While blueberries and cranberries may help support antioxidant function, cranberries may also support a normal inflammatory response as well.

If your dog experiences occasional stomach upset, our Sweet Potato Pie Edibites are a great way to calm your pet’s stomach discomfort. Sweet potatoes for dogs are known to support a healthy digestive system as well as support a healthy immune system!

Where can I purchase these two Pet Releaf Edibites flavors for Thanksgiving Day?

At Pet Releaf, we partner with over 6,000+ independent retailers all across the United States! Fill out this short form to find a store near you, or purchase directly on our website. Make sure to stock up before the holiday season!

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