6 Ways To Prepare Your Pet For Back to School

Whether you’re a teacher, have kids in school, or young adults packing up to head to college this semester, it’s likely that your dog won’t have the easiest time transitioning to a new routine. With their favorite humans not home daily, it may be difficult for your dog to adjust to being home alone throughout the day. Don’t fret, by adding CBD for dogs to your pet’s regiment along with other tactics, you and your pet companions can fall into a new Fall schedule with ease.

Dogs love a routine, but when that routine starts changing, it can be quite the hurdle for them to get over. The very best way to keep your dog forever adapting—especially with back to school, is to start practicing now! With your family likely being home most of the week in the summer, it’ll be quite the shock to your dog when someone starts leaving the home on a consistent basis. Instead of waiting until back to school begins, you can start implementing some new tactics now!

1. Crate Train

If your pup isn’t crate-trained yet, it’s never too late! We created a dog crate training guide to help you along with the process. Crate training can be a great way to help your dog associate their crate with something positive and as a safe space for when you leave the home. If you’ve kennel trained your pup in the past, but haven’t done it in a while, it may be great to bring it back now as you or your family start leaving the house more!

2. Keep Your Dog Busy

It can also be extremely beneficial to keep your pup busy throughout the day with a puzzle toy. There are many puzzle toys out there that are designed to keep your pup focused and motivated to get treats! Try breaking up some of our Edibites in a puzzle toy, not only to keep them interested in finding a tasty bite but as an additional calming supplement throughout the day as well! If you don’t want to break the bank, check out this dog snuffle mat DIY from Animal Humane Society, so you can make your very own puzzle toy for your pups!

3. Try Exercising in the Morning

Another way to help your pup not feel so restless throughout the day is to make sure they get enough exercise. The most idea way to do so would be to wake up early and get at least get a half hour to an hour of walking in, so you can get exercise out of the way first thing in the morning before school time. This is another great way to help your pup adjust to a new routine. Plus, if your child is the one going to school, bring them along for the walk so your dog can bond with one of their buddies before class. If walking or running isn’t your thing, try these 4 exercises you can do with your pet so you can both stay fit and tire out your pup for the day!

4. Calming Supplements

If your pup doesn’t get a daily supplement of Pet Releaf CBD Oil, it may be a great time to start! CBD can help your dogs feel calm and relaxed during high stress situations, such as a family member leaving the home or a change in routine. Depending on your pup’s stress level, there are two great options you can go with. If your pup’s stress is at a minimum and can often be under control, then we would recommend administering Pet Releaf Edibites! Our Edibites come in a variety of flavors as well as standard and large breed potencies. These are great bite-size supplements to not only help them stay chill, but can be a great for supporting a healthy immune system.

If your pup doesn’t get a daily supplement of Pet Releaf CBD Oil, it may be a great time to start! CBD can help your dogs feel calm and relaxed during high stress situations, such as a family member leaving the home or a change in routine.

Whether you’re searching for Hemp Oils, CBD chews, or both—we’ve got you covered. If you’re searching for a CBD chew, check out our Calming Chews for Dogs. Our Calming Edibites are CBD-infused and incorporate functional ingredients, such as chamomile and baobab to further promote calmness and relaxation during stressful situations. Our Edibites are available in Small & Medium Breed and Large Breed, so you can choose which size would make the most sense for your dog’s size.

We also have our USDA Organic Hemp Oils and our Liposome Hemp Oils. Depending on your dog’s preferred administration method, we’d recommend our USDA Organic Hemp Oils for administration on an empty stomach and our Liposome Hemp Oils for administration during or after mealtime. Our oils are available in a variety of potencies with small, medium, and large so you can choose the best potency based on your dog’s weight

5. Set Aside Playtime

If your child and your dog have a close bond, this back-to-school season may be upsetting for your pup without one of their favorite humans around. To make it less of a sting for your pup, have your child set aside designated pet playtime after school each day so your pup has something to look forward to! Adding playtime to your pet’s routine along with their best friend may mean the absolute world to both your dog and child.

6. Keep a Routine

Most importantly, don’t forget to stick to a routine with your dog. As dogs love having a set schedule with their favorite hobbies such as walks, playtime, meals, and treats—you can start to figure out a way to adjust their specific needs to your new upcoming schedule. It may be difficult for your dog to adjust at first, but they will adjust with time. For a smoother transition, start gradually changing their routine even before school starts, so it’s not an instant shock when everything has changed all at once.

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