4 Exercises You Can Do With Your Pet

Nov 7, 2019

Make exercising fun by bringing your pet along!

We know it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise on a daily basis, so why not bring along your best accountability partner—your pet! Pet Releaf came up with 4 ways to get your pet involved in your daily workout regimen!

1. Hiking or Walking

Hiking can be a great workout for you and your pet—plus, you can take in some awesome views! If you and your dog or cat are not experienced hikers, maybe start at 1-mile hikes and gradually build it up to 3 miles or more as your furry friend gains experience! If the idea of hiking up a mountain is too strenuous or just isn’t your thing, try walking around the neighborhood or on a flat nature path instead. Most animals love to be in nature with other living creatures!

2. Swimming

If your dog loves swimming, why not bring them for a swim with you? We’d recommend still-water, such as a clean lake or reservoir as rivers can be a bit more dangerous with the current. While you’re swimming, toss a floatable toy for your dog to retrieve and bring back as you swim! One of the best ways for you and your furry friend to get some exercise.

3. Agility Courses

Ever thought of signing up your dog for an agility class? It’s a great way to turn your dog’s high energy into a special bonding experience. Also, it can help build your dog’s confidence, strengthen muscles, and advance their coordination! Agility courses are perfect for hunters and other high-energy dogs that need to use both their brain and their body.

4. Working Out

Don’t worry, you can still get a full body workout even if you have a pup! When performing squats or crunches, throw a ball for your dog to run and retrieve. You’re getting a leg and ab workout, and your dog is getting a run in between your reps!  Try some of these other ideas from to get a full body workout with your dog.

How can I incorporate Pet Releaf into our workout?

There are multiple ways to use Pet Releaf products to help make your companion’s workout better!

  • Before exercising, give your dog an Energize Boom Bar to help give your dog some energy before working out. Energize Boom Bars have useful ingredients like ginseng that can work as a natural energy booster and stress reliever for your pet on the go!
  • Daily supplements such as our CBD-infused Edibites will aid in their overall health and can give their immune system a boost before heading out for some rigorous exercise!
  • After exercising, give your dog a Recovery Boom Bar to help your pup recuperate after strenuous activity! Recovery Boom Bars utilize beneficial ingredients such as baobab which is a fruit that contains 10x more Vitamin C than an orange to maintain bone strength to help your dog recuperate from a strenuous day.
  • Is your furry friend experiencing some aches and pains after exercise? Maybe a little limp or some sore muscles? Administer Pet Releaf’s CBD Hemp Oil to help relieve the pain and make for a restful nap.
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