3 Thanksgiving CBD Recipes For Your Dog

Show your pup how thankful you are this giving season!

If your dog has any food allergies or other health issues, please consult your veterinarian before offering these dog recipes or any other new foods. 

In honor of giving season, show your dog how much you care with our take on a dog-friendly Thanksgiving feast. We worked with our Executive Chef to bring you an appetizer, entree, and dessert that not only will satisfy your pup’s tastebuds but also provide them with a healthy dinner choice. Plus, we’ve incorporated our Pet Releaf CBD products so your fur friend can receive all of the benefits of CBD, such as supporting a normal inflammatory response as well as promoting calmness if your pet experiences situational anxiety during holiday stressors. 

Thanksgiving Appetizer For Your Dog

Our Pumpkin Dip is like your standard chips and dips appetizer, but dog-friendly! 

Pumpkin Dip Recipe Ingredients:

  • Plain Canned Pumpkin — 2TBS
  • Turmeric — ¼ tsp
  • Pet Releaf CBD Liposome Hemp Oil — ½ of your pet’s recommended usage amount. Please follow our recommended usage guidelines based on your dog’s weight located on our bottle labels and our website!
  • Red, Orange, or Yellow Bell Pepper — ½, sliced


  1. First, you’ll measure out 2TBS from a can of plain pumpkin into a dish. It’s important to only use the plain pumpkin as we don’t want to feed our dogs anything that has any added sugars or seasonings that are unnecessary for your dog’s body. Adding pumpkin to your dog’s diet may help support a healthy urinary tract and digestive tract! 
  2. Next, you’ll want to sprinkle on ¼ tsp. of turmeric onto the pumpkin puree. Turmeric may help support a normal inflammatory response in dogs as well as support joint discomfort!
  3. To top it all off, you can add our Liposome Hemp Oil to the mixture. Our Liposome Hemp Oils can be administered during your dog’s mealtime without losing any effectiveness. We have two different potencies in our Liposome Hemp Oils, our Liposome Hemp Oil 100 for small dogs and cats as well as our Liposome Hemp Oil 300 for medium to large breed dogs! We have recommended usage amounts on our packaging labels as well as our website so you can administer the amount based on your dog’s weight. CBD has the potential to promote calmness in dogs, so administering it as an appetizer is a great way to help your dog stay calm while holiday company is over. After you administer the oil onto the dip, mix it all together!
  4. Lastly, you’ll want to slice up some bell peppers to scoop in the pumpkin dip. Bell peppers have many potential health benefits for dogs as they contain antioxidants and may support ocular and skin health. It’s important to remove any seeds from the bell peppers before serving to your dog to avoid any indigestion issues. Once your peppers are sliced up, you can dip the bell pepper into the dip and feed to your furry friend as an appetizer!

Thanksgiving Entree For Your Dog

Because what is Thanksgiving without the turkey?

Turkey with Green Beans and Cranberries Ingredients:


  1. For this recipe, we’re using Freeze Dried Turkey Sliders from our friends at Smallbatch Pets! Smallbatch Pets offers feeding guidelines on each of their products, so you can feed your dog the recommended amount based on their weight. First, you’ll want to rehydrate the turkey sliders by mixing ¼ cup of water for every 4 sliders. Then you’ll want to crush the sliders and allow the mixture to rehydrate for a few minutes. 
  2. Next, you’ll want to steam some plain green beans. It’s important not to add any seasonings or salt to upset your dog’s stomach. Green beans contain vitamins and minerals that may be beneficial your dog’s health
  3. For our gravy, let’s add some bone broth on top! We’re using Primal Pet Foods Turkey Bone Broth. Bone broth can add vital moisture to your dog’s diet!
  4. Give your dog a boost to their immune system with our Blueberry & Cranberry Edibites. Like all of our products, our recommended usage amounts are located on our Edibites packaging as well as our website. Next, you’ll want to chop up the Edibites and sprinkle on top for your pup to experience the delicious taste of cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner and then serve to your dog.

Thanksgiving Dessert For Your Dog

(via Astro the Goldendoodle)

Do you remember our Frozen Yogurt CBD Recipes with The Bear and the Rat? Well, we’re teaming up again for the ultimate pie and ice cream duo!

Sweet Potato Pie Power Cup Ingredients:


  1. First, you’ll take your dog’s recommended usage amount of our Sweet Potato Pie Edibites and break them up. Then you’ll want to remove the lid from The Bear & The Rat’s Goat Milk Frozen Yogurt and let thaw for a few minutes. Their frozen dog treats have a full serving of prebiotics and digestive enzymes that may help support your dog’s digestive system!
  2. Our Sweet Potato Pie Edibites may be helpful for supporting your pup’s digestive system as well! For the last step, you’ll sprinkle the chopped Sweet Potato Pie Edibites on top for a nice crunch! Then, feel free to serve to your pup! 

We hope your fur friend enjoys our Thanksgiving dog recipes and feels the love this holiday season. If you plan on making any of our recipes, please tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can share! 

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