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The 5 Dog Love Languages

Feb 14, 2019

There’s no better way to say Happy Valentine’s Day than cuddlin’ up with your best fur friend!

We all know there are 5 love languages for humans, but what exactly does that mean for dogs? At Pet Releaf, we came up with 5 love languages that your pups may appreciate this Valentine’s Day! Not sure which one of the love languages is your dog’s favorite? Spoil your pup with love this holiday by trying out each one!

1. Acts of Service

Spend some time giving your dog a nice grooming session, taking them on a fun car ride, or baking them a special homemade Valentine’s Day cookie (with dog-approved ingredients of course)! If your dog loves being washed and brushed to get those stubborn knots out, then this may be the love language for them! Also, taking the time to bake a special cookie for your pup will make them feel incredibly loved as they receive something thoughtful and delicious in return.

2. Gifts

This Valentine’s Day, come home from your local pet store with a brand new toy or one of your pup’s favorite Pet Releaf products! The act of giving gifts shows your pup that you love and care for them–even if they destroy the toy within ten minutes of receiving it! It doesn’t matter if it lasts a lifetime or a day, your pup will be happy they received a gift from their favorite human. Does your pup love our CBD-infused Edibites? Pet Releaf Edibites can help your pup have a nice, relaxing Valentine’s Day evening while also receiving great health benefits. Plus, they’re filled with lots of beneficial ingredients like blueberries and bananas that can help promote a healthy heart! Give your best companion the gift of health this year by picking up a bag of Edibites at your local pet shop! Not sure where your local Pet Releaf retailer is? Fill out this short form to find out! 

3. Words of Affirmation

It’s time to have a training session with your dog! Commands like “sit”, “stay”, and “paw” are all great starting options for those pups who haven’t mastered training yet. If they’re listening and performing well, they deserve some recognition! Phrases like “Good job! or “You’re so smart!” are sure to make them feel better about the stressful lesson. They may not understand what those words specifically mean, but when spoken in a happy tone of voice, they’ll surely be aware that they’re doing a great job.

4. Quality Time

We understand that having pets and maintaining a job can be challenging when it comes to spending time with your dog during the week. This is why it’s so important to prioritize that quality time since they’re most likely at home missing you when you’re not there. Try to set aside some time after work to play with your dog and their favorite toy. And on the weekends, take your dog for a nice walk in the park or a hike on a dog-friendly trail! Any special time spent with you is sure to make your pup’s entire world.

5. Physical Touch

Touch is probably one of the most important love languages for your dog, so give them plenty of it! A nice belly rub, scratch behind the ear, or a kiss on the head can surely make your pups wag their tails. Plus, you could always multitask by cuddling up with your pup after work and catching up on your favorite TV show. It’s a win-win!

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