[VIDEO] Experience A Pet Releaf Farm Tour

Each year, Pet Releaf gives our awesome retail partners the opportunity to come to look at our Certified USDA Organic hemp farm in eastern Colorado!

Why is it important to show our Hemp Farm?

At Pet Releaf, we’re proud to be the only pet CBD company who controls our entire manufacturing process, from seed to sale and from plant to pet. That all starts with our Certified USDA Organic hemp that is grown at our joint-venture hemp farm located in eastern Colorado! To learn more about our independent retailer’s experience at our farm, watch the video above or read below!

When you’re on the search for CBD for pets, we believe it’s extremely important to be aware of where the hemp is sourced. Most CBD companies in the U.S. purchase hemp from just about anywhere they can find it, especially at extremely low price points. Unfortunately, these companies may not know exactly where their hemp is sourced from, so they are unable to claim any certain USDA organic certifications or organic farming processes.

At Pet Releaf, we participate in regenerative organic practices by striving to maintain soil health as we conserve soils and pastures so they can remain sustainable for years to come. With our organic certifications, we can assure we do not use any pesticides, fertilizers, or toxic solvents that could compromise the quality of our hemp. Meanwhile, it can be difficult for other companies to prove their final product quality when they do not control their entire process from seed to sale, from plant to pet as we do at Pet Releaf.

We also ensure our product quality and potencies by uploading our 3rd party lab testings every month!

Every year, we invite our retail partners to come out to our hemp farm so they can see for themselves the importance of partnering with a brand that utilizes only USDA Organic Hemp and learn more about how crucial the farming process is when it comes to manufacturing the highest quality and absolute safest CBD products possible.

We believe that transparency is key when it comes to the products our pet companions are consuming, especially when they are depending on CBD for their pet’s health. Our independent retail partners dedicate their time and energy to providing customers the highest level of education about the products they purchase, we’re happy our hemp farm tours offer them the opportunity to learn even more about the Pet Releaf difference!

What did our pet retailers do at our Hemp Farm?

During the farm tour, Pet Releaf retailers got the chance to meet our farming partners and discuss with them in detail about our specialized strain of hemp, PR-33 and about our Certified USDA Organic farming practices! They were taken to one of our Certified USDA Organic PR-33 fields where they got the chance to see and walk through hemp stalks reaching up to 16ft tall!

What did our pet retailers have to say?

With our Hemp Farm Tour, we wanted our retailers to really get a feel for how our system works. We decided to go ahead and ask a few of our retailers what exactly their thoughts were and what new knowledge they gained while on the tour.

Caitlin from Cherrybrook Pet Supplies was very surprised when she arrived at the farm, “The farm was much larger than I thought it would be and the hemp farming process was more scientific than I realized.” Fun fact, Cherrybrook Pet was actually the winner at Global Pet Expo to come to see our Hemp Farm Tour!

We also had Alicia from Kahoots Feed and Pet visit the farm. She was very impressed with how the quality and outcome of Pet Releaf products are actually very important to us as a company, “It was absolutely fascinating to learn how every little step of the process affects the final product- which really drove home why it’s so important for a conscientious company like Pet Releaf to control seed to sale.”

Caitlin also noted, “As a retailer of natural and holistic pet supplies, we strive to carry products from trustworthy partners that are able to provide us with detailed information on the products sourcing and manufacturing, as Pet Releaf has done.” At Pet Releaf, we have total control of our manufacturing process to ensure that our products are all-natural, truly organic, and effective!

Pet Releaf is incredibly thankful that our independent pet retailers took the time out of their hectic schedules to come to spend the day with us at our hemp farm! We hope that through this experience they have gained even more knowledge about the Pet Releaf difference.

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