Understanding Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs & Why To Choose It

Millions of American pet owners are using cannabidiol, or CBD for their pets. Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the CBD market for humans and animals has boomed. There are hemp CBD oils, hemp CBD capsules, and hemp CBD supplement chews for pets, to name a few of the pet CBD products available. This has left consumers with a dearth of CBD products to choose from and a whole host of questions, like what kind of CBD should I give my pet?

There are three basic types of hemp CBD oil: full-spectrum, isolate, and broad-spectrum. In this article, we’ll be discussing full-spectrum CBD oil.

What is Full-Spectrum CBD?

Full-spectrum CBD is made from the entire hemp plant. This means that the many other parts of the hemp plant, including other cannabinoids and terpenes, are present in the hemp oil, along with CBD. These chemical compounds work together in what’s called the “entourage effect”, making the effects of the CBD oil more potent. This allows the CBD to affect the body more powerfully, in comparison to a CBD isolate, which is refined full-spectrum hemp oil and only contains CBD and none of the other plant components.

There have been 66-100+ other cannabinoids found in hemp. Very few of them have been researched at all, and none to the extent of CBD. Some of the other cannabinoids found in hemp are:

  1. Cannabichromene

  2. Cannabicyclol

  3. Cannabielsoins

  4. Cannabigerol

  5. Cannabinols

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Terpenes and Full-Spectrum Hemp

One other key component of full-spectrum hemp is terpenes. Terpenes are highly volatile plant compounds that are responsible for a plant’s rich scent. Terpenes are a foundational element in aromatherapy. Plants like lavender, ginger, and clove all contain terpenes. Terpenes are being studied for their potent health benefits and have been found to reduce inflammation and have neuroprotective qualities, to name a few of their benefits.

Hemp is rich in terpenes, and these chemicals, while having their own benefits, also work synergistically with CBD to make it more effective. Here are a few of the terpenes found in hemp and full-spectrum hemp oil.

1. Myrcene

This tiny terpene is found abundantly in hemp. Myrcene may have many beneficial properties including antioxidant, sedative, and muscle relaxant. Studies indicate that myrcene may have additional beneficial properties. In addition to hemp, myrcene is found in plants like hops, lemongrass, bay leaves, cardamom, and thyme. All of these plants are noted for their fragrant aromas. There have been various studies done on myrcene that show it to have a lot of potential as a medicine. Other studies have indicated that it might have the ability to protect different body systems and support their overall health.

2. Linalool

Responsible for the heady scent of lavender flowers, this terpene has been studied and may have the following qualities: sedative and antidepressant, to name a few of many. Research is still being done to understand how linalool acts on the body. Anyone who has used lavender essential oil has been using the terpene linalool.

3. Beta-caryophyllene

This important terpene can bind to a body’s endocannabinoid system. It also has the following properties: gastroprotective, antifungal, antibacterial, and neuroprotective. There is some promising research on how beta-caryophyllene could be used to treat long-term nerve issues. This terpene is found in many different vegetables and herbs, including the aromatic spices clove and black pepper.

4. Limonene

Limonene smells like lemons as the name suggests and can be found in the rinds of fruits like oranges and lemons and even in herbs like mint and dill. It has many beneficial properties including antioxidant and anti-viral. Limonene may have a positive effect on the immune system and could be able to protect the body from many different illnesses.

How is Full-Spectrum Hemp Made?

When it comes to the extraction process for full-spectrum hemp, there is a delicate balance to be found between keeping all of the good plant chemicals in the extraction and keeping anything unwanted out. There are also a host of factors that go into making a quality full-spectrum hemp extract, such as when after harvesting is the hemp processed. For example, making an extraction out of fresh hemp will create a different product than if dried hemp is used. When a plant is dried, it changes the chemicals contained within the plant. Other factors include the age of the plant and environmental factors like how it was grown, and the type of soil used to grow the plant. Here are three ways that hemp CBD can be made:

1. Hydrocarbon extraction

This method of extraction uses butane or a blend of butane and propane to make a full-spectrum hemp extract. Using this method allows the maker to adjust the profile of the extract. To use this method, hydrocarbon gas is cooled and liquified before being moved across fresh hemp plants. The beneficial compounds are dissolved and result in a full-spectrum solution. This solution is further refined using different techniques, such as winterization and dewaxing. Both of these techniques require the use of more solvents and low temperatures to extract things like wax and lipids from the end product.

2. Supercritical CO2 extraction

This process uses temperature and pressure to create phase changes in CO2. CO2 goes from being a gas to behaving like a gas and a liquid. This means that it has a more viscous (thick, like honey) nature and extremely low surface tension, which allows it to seep into plant matter more effectively than a pure liquid. This process creates a substance that can force chemical compounds out of hemp plants. Because of the adjustable nature of this process, it can be used to effectively extract the desired plant compounds. One con to this method is that it requires the use of complex machinery. However, unlike other methods, the end product doesn’t have much, if any, processing after the fact. This means that no other chemicals are used, leaving a very clean product behind.

3. Pressure extraction

Pressure extraction starts with fresh hemp or hemp that has been humidified. This means that moisture has been put back into the plant. The hemp needs to be at least 55%-62% humid before a pressure extraction. The pressure method also uses heat to extract the plant compounds of hemp. This method may not be the best for preserving more delicate plant extracts, like terpenes, which are very volatile.

4. Terpex™ technology

This is an innovative extraction method that delivers premium CBD. This method uses the entire hemp plant, including seeds, stalks, and leaves, to ensure that a full cannabinoid profile, including terpenes and flavonoids, is extracted. Terpex is the highest yielding technology on the market for hemp extraction. It is 100% natural and is done without the use of heat, synthetic chemicals or toxic solvents, resulting in it being the most environmentally responsible extraction method.

Find Full-Spectrum CBD from Pet Releaf

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Of course, Pet Releaf knows it can be confusing when it comes time to pick a pet CBD product. This is why they’ve created their helpful product filter. It’s easy to find the best product for your pet’s size and needs. Whatever your pet CBD needs are, Pet Releaf is here to help with full-spectrum hemp CBD.