4 Ways to Have the Perfect Date Night With Your Dog

It’s time for a doggy date night!

In honor of National Doggy Date Night and Valentine’s Day, we came up with four fun ways you can show the #1 furry friend in your life just how much you love them. As pet parents, we strive to give our pets the absolute best lives possible and although these two special holidays only come by once a year, we think you can use these date tips more than once! We honestly can’t think of anything better than kicking back and relaxing with your best friend. And if you don’t have a Valentine this year, we’re sure that your dog would be honored to be your furry Valentine this year and so on!


The key to having a relaxing night with your furry Valentine is tiring them out first! Try stimulating your dog’s mind with a puzzle toy like one of our 4 Kong Recipes Featuring Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil, these recipes incorporate our Liposome Hemp Oil, so your pup keep themselves busy as well as receive the benefits of CBD. You could also play a game of fetch with the High Roller Dog Ball or Duraplush Unstuffed Potted Cactus Dog Toy from our eco-friendly friends at Cycle Dog!


Is your dog’s love language physical touch? If so, we’re sure that your dog is down for a night full of cuddles and snuggles. Let’s throw it back to our childhood days when creating a fort out of sheets and blankets was cool (it’s still cool, by the way). Once you set up your fort with your dog, you both can cuddle up in your cozy blanket burrow!


Order yourself a pizza pie while you treat your pup with their very pizza flavors with our Daily Releaf Pizza Edibites! They’re available in Small and Medium/Large Breed varieties based on your dog’s size. If your pup has trouble relaxing, administer your dog’s recommended usage amount of Edibites to help promote calmness!

Movie Night

Once you’re all cozy in your fort with your food and your pup’s Edibites, it’s time to select a movie. Since it is doggy date night, why not choose one of your favorite dog movies? We know you’re itching to rewatch the classic, Homeward Bound or a family, animated favorite like The Secret Life of Pets.

These four tips are a foolproof way to have the perfect date night with your pup! We’d absolutely love to see your doggy date night photos—please tag us on our social media so we can share it on our Instagram or Facebook!

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