5 Easy DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

Learn how you can create the perfect dog Halloween costume on a budget!

Even though your annual Halloween costume party most likely won’t be happening this year due to COVID-19, that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate and dress up with your best fur friend! If you don’t have much of a costume budget for your dog this year or you’re feeling extra crafty, we’ve found some fun, creative ways your dog can still get festive. We scrolled our way through TikTok and wanted to showcase some of our favorite dog DIY costumes that we found! If you’re still on the search for the spookiest dog Halloween costume this October, we’ve got you covered.


A white sheet can go a long way! Or if you have some old white fabric from a curtain you no longer have a need for, try recycling it into this famous ghost costume. All you have to do is grab a pair of scissors and cut out two holes for eyes and a third hole for your pup to fit their snout in. If the fabric that you’re using is too large, feel free to cut it down to fit your pup’s size! Check out @hesmyalibi on Instagram and the TikTok video below to see her pups looking extra ghostly this year.

@hesmyalibiOn a scale of 1-10 how did my dogs do?? Follow their Instagram @hesmyalibi ##dog ##dogsoftiktok ##ghosttrend ##halloween ##fyp ##viral♬ Oh Klahoma – Jack Stauber

Cereal Bowl

If your pup just had surgery and is rocking the cone of shame this year, why not make the cone a little more tasteful with a bowl of cereal? @Goldenbenjamin on Instagram shared their brilliant idea with a bowl of Froot Loops and a spoon! For this one, you’ll definitely need a cone along with aluminium foil and some pool noodles. As the cone is already ready to go, you’ll really just need to craft the cereal pieces and the spoon. For the cereal bits, if you have any old pool noodle floats that are a little beat up or if you look in the summer clearance aisle at your local department store, it’s time to chop them up! It’s ideal if you have a colorful variety to really showcase the assorted cereal colors. All you have to do is cut up the noodles into 1 inch pieces with either a knife or scissors to resemble the cereal and add them into the cone. For the silverware, cut some aluminum foil and shape it into a spoon. Watch Benny model his cereal bowl costume below!

@goldenbenjamina Froot Loops? heck you Karen ##foryoupage ##halloween ##dogcostume ##fruitloops ##dog♬ original sound – Benny


We’re a big fan of @goodboymulligan on Instagram’s Halloween costume! Mulligan chose to dress up in his best pawparazzi costume for Halloween. Depending on your dog’s size, you may either need a toddler or adult-sized tropical t-shirt laying around. If you don’t have one, try heading over to your local thrift shop to find one at a low price point. If you have an old disposable camera laying around as well, feel free to tie it around some yarn so you can hang it around your dog’s neck for the ultimate paparazzi costume. Watch Mulligan get his close-up on his paparazzi costume below!

@goodboymulliganThe cutest paw-parazzi ever 📸🐾 ##petlife ##goldenretriever ##paparazzi ##fyp ##cutedog ##puppycheck ##dogcostume♬ paparazzi – Nick&Sienna🌹

Baked Potato

Because there isn’t anything cuter than a Frenchie dressed up as a baked potato. We think @sirhamiltonpierre on Instagram suits this costume perfectly! The first trick to this costume is getting your pup to sit still as you wrap aluminum foil around their bottom. After that, you can add a yellow sticky note on the top of your dog’s head to represent the melted butter. Watch Sir Hamilton Pierre looking like the freshest hot potato below!

@sirhamiltonpierre5🥔 life ##HelloFall ##imapotato ##potato ##frenchies ##potatosquad♬ ShiloPotato – Kayla Haynes

Hershey Kiss

There’s more than one way to use aluminum foil! Dress your pup as a sweet treat with this Hershey Kiss costume idea from @hesmyalibi on Instagram! This one will be very aluminum foil heavy as you would need to wrap the body as well as craft your dog a cone hat. Secondly, you would need some white construction paper or cardstock to spell out “KISSES” with blue crayon or marker. Don’t you just want to give Alibi the biggest kiss in the video below?

@hesmyalibiFree kisses 🍫🐶😘 ##halloween ##halloweencostume ##dogcostume ##foryoupage ##foryou ##shiba ##dog ##tiktokdogs ##hersheykisses♬ MUA! – biancajramirez123

Even if Halloween may not look the same this year, we still believe you should be prepared for the possible holiday stress. Make sure to check out our 4 Ways To Prep Your Pet For Halloween to support your pet’s situational anxiety this year. Plus, make sure to share your pet’s Halloween costumes with us by using the hashtag #HempHeadHalloween on Instagram so we can share with our followers!

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