Chamomile For Dogs: Benefits & Safety

You may have heard of or even tried chamomile tea for humans, but did you know you can actually incorporate daily supplements into your dog’s lifestyle that include chamomile? We’re diving into all things chamomile and dogs so you can decide if chamomile would be beneficial for your pup!

What is Chamomile?

Chamomile is a plant that stems from the daisy family and has been used as an ancient herbal remedy for centuries. The flowering buds of chamomile have been used to make the teas and essential oils that you may have used for yourself. While you may have heard of chamomile being a wonderful supplement to help support human health, it’s also been shown to help benefit your dog’s health as well.

Is Chamomile Safe For Dogs?

When given in the correct dosage and form, chamomile can be completely safe. Like any supplement, there can be side effects for dogs if given in large dosages or if your dog has a rare reaction. Look for signs of diarrhea and vomiting to know if your dog may be experiencing a negative reaction to chamomile. One way to make sure your dog is receiving chamomile safely is to give them supplements like Stress Releaf Calming Chews with properly-dosed chamomile included. It’s much safer to give your dog a chamomile supplement made for dogs than to give them something like chamomile tea.

How Can Chamomile Benefit My Dog?

Chamomile is made up of the beneficial constituents, apigenin, and chamazulene which can both act as a chemical mediator to help support normal inflammatory response in animals. Just like chamomile is used to help us humans stay calm, chamomile may help promote relaxation and calmness in dogs as well. When situational anxiety can lead to gastrointestinal issues, chamomile may also help manage normal stress due to occasional gastric distress. If you’re on the search for an herbal supplement that can help your pup through stressful times or occasional stomach upset, chamomile can be a great option.

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How Can I Supplement Chamomile Into My Dog’s Daily Regimen?

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate chamomile as a supplement in your pup’s daily lifestyle, we’d recommend checking out our Stress Releaf Edibites. These calming chews can be easily implemented into your pup’s daily regimen and can be given each morning and night as a special reward. You can also crumble the Edibites over top of food or given more before an especially stressful event like a party or thunderstorm.

These calming chews incorporate organic full-spectrum CBD along with chamomile to give your dog the ultimate calming feeling. There are only 3 active ingredients in each chew: organic baobab, organic chamomile, and organic full-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD. At Pet Releaf, we strive to only source the highest quality, most effective ingredients to further benefit your pet’s health!

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