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What You Need To Know About Common Preservatives Found in Pet Products

Feb 19, 2019

As pet parents, it’s necessary to read more into the ingredients our best companions are consuming on a daily basis!

As our customers are aware, we are always transparent when it comes to our manufacturing process, ingredients, product testings, and more! We believe it’s important to find other companies who do the same, especially when these products are going into your pet’s bodies. There are many common preservatives out there, but are they deemed synthetic or natural?

To be able to extend the shelf life to 1 year for our CBD-infused Edibites we had to incorporate a natural preservative. We’ve added an all-natural Mixed Tocopherols-D Vitamin E to our recipe! This natural preservative is very common and used often in many pet food products your pet is consuming. Like most natural preservatives, there is usually a synthetic version. As we utilize a natural version of mixed tocopherols there are synthetic versions out there as well. Don’t worry, we’re here to break down the differences!

Mixed Tocopherols-D

Mixed Tocopherols-D Vitamin E is the all-natural version that we use in our full Edibites line! On the plate, the darker brown substance is the Mixed Tocopherol-D that we use. Our natural mixed tocopherols do not contain any milk, soy, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, sulfites, corn, or shellfish. It’s the perfect 100% natural solution to protect against oxidation in products! Mixed tocopherols can actually be absorbed more efficiently in the body compared to a synthetic version. The transport proteins that are produced in the liver actively choose the natural form in the body. These proteins then send the natural Vitamin E to other tissues in the body and work as an antioxidant. Believe it or not, these natural mixed tocopherols have long been a part of the human diet!

Mixed Tocopherols-DL

As most synthetic preservatives, they do not offer any beneficial purpose in your pet’s body. You may ask, how do you differentiate between the two? Most synthetic versions use the letters, “DL” while natural versions usually just use the letter “D”. On the plate above, the clearer substance is the Mixed Tocopherol-DL that we do not use in our products. As the body recognizes natural mixed tocopherols, the body does not recognize the synthetic. This results in the synthetic preservative going unnoticed in the body and is essentially ignored and wasted. Synthetic mixed tocopherols also do not come from natural food sources and are usually derived from petroleum products.

At Pet Releaf, we only use the most beneficial ingredients for your pets! We ensure that after careful research and testing that we are using the very best option for your pet’s health. Also, all of our ingredients are beyond human-grade since we believe pet products should be of the same quality as products we consume as humans!

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