How to Prepare Your Pet for Travel: 5 Tips for a Safe & Pleasant Trip!

We know that planning for travel can be a bit challenging when you want to bring your pet along. For many of us, pets are part of the family and the last thing we want to do is leave them behind. If you’re struggling with how to bring your pet along for a holiday or family vacation, take a look at these five tips to make travel with your pet as seamless as possible.

1. Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil

Not only can holiday travel be stressful for you, but it can be even more stressful for your pet! If your pet gets stressed during travel, whether it be in the car or on a plane, CBD hemp oil may be a great choice to help promote calmness in your pet!

Since CBD has a half-life of 9 hours, we recommend administering half of the recommended usage amount about an hour before you depart. This will give it enough time to kick in and they should be covered for at least 9 hours of the trip. If the trip will be longer than 9 hours, then you can administer the other half after the first 9 hours to ensure for 18 hours of coverage!

We also recommend testing the oil out before the vacation just to make sure you find the right amount that works for your pet’s needs. Our recommended usage amounts are only recommendations since some pets might need more or less for it to work for them.

2. Transportation

First things first, will you be traveling by car or plane? Either way, we have tips for each!

If your trip requires a plane ride, there are some precautionary steps you should take. Some airlines do not allow pets on board, so it may take some extra research to find a safe and trustworthy airline to travel with your fur friend. Plus, a stop at the vet is essential to guarantee that all of their necessary vaccines are up-to-date before hopping on that plane.

Heavy exercise before a flight or car ride is also key to make sure your pet is as relaxed as possible and ready for the trip. Bring along a bag of Pet Releaf Edibites for extra support along the way. Dogs love the taste and there are no known overdoses on full-spectrum pet CBD so you can always administer more if needed!

3. Where to Stay

Whether staying in a hotel or an Airbnb, it’s imperative that you research the rules and regulations of each place. We love to see so many pet-friendly hotels and Airbnbs that can now accommodate you and your companion. Look for hotel brands like Kimpton that provide free dog beds and treats to make your stay even more fun!

Spend some additional time researching regulations if you’re planning to spend time in nature. Some national and state parks do not allow pets on the premises, so you may want to consider pet-friendly parks. Also, many hiking trails and campsites require that your pets are always leashed, as there will most likely be other pets on-site. It’s important to obey the rules to ensure the safety of your pet.

If you’re bypassing hotels and going straight to stay with a family member at their home, make sure to have a conversation with your family before you go. Find out if there are certain house rules that you and your pet need to follow to avoid any family conflict.

4. Pack the Essentials

Don’t forget to pack the essentials for your pets! Depending on how you’re traveling, you may need a crate or a traveling bag to bring on a plane. Other travel essentials would include:

  • First Aid Kit

  • Food, Treats, Water Bowl

    • Make sure you’re stocked up on your pet’s food so that you have enough to cover your trip!
    • A foldable water bowl is a convenient packing accessory and can be used in any location or situation!
  • Toys

    • Bring along a number of toys so that your fur friend doesn’t get bored. We love food puzzles because they can keep your pet busy for an extended period of time!
  • Leash, Collar, and & ID Tag

    • Always make sure your pet is wearing their collar and tag to ensure their safety, in case they get out and start roaming around in an area that’s new to them and they can’t find their way home.
  • Blanket & Bed

    • Bring something that brings them comfort and reminds them of home, like their favorite blanket or dog bed.
  • Waste Bags

    • Don’t forget to bring plenty of waste bags and always make sure to clean up after your pet!

5. Most of all… Have fun!

Now that you’ve done your research and packed up the essentials, it’s time to have some fun with your pet. Above all, make sure your pet is healthy and comfortable enough to travel. Sometimes pets are happier left at home with a sitter or at a boarding facility. Consult a vet if you are unsure!

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