3 Pet Releaf Products You Can Stuff in Your Pet’s Stocking

If you’re wondering what to put in your dog’s Christmas stocking this year, Pet Releaf has you covered! Three of our most popular products are available in the perfect sizes to fit into your dog’s stocking. Pet Releaf Edibites, Canna Care CBD Topical, and Organic CBD Capsules are great choices to give your dog a CBD trial-run if they’ve never tried CBD before or that particular product. If you’re on the search for more holiday gifts for your pet, make sure to check out our Pet Releaf’s 2021 Holiday Pet Gift Guide for ideas as well!

Trial Size Edibites

Our trial size CBD-infused Edibites are a foolproof gift for your pup—especially if they’ve never tried CBD before. We have trial size versions of our Edibites available in our most-popular flavors to give your fur friend a taste-test before committing to a full bag! Plus, your dog can taste the health benefits of our Edibites that now include additional ingredients to help support your dog’s overall wellness as well as specific areas of their body. Whether your dog struggles with occasional hip and joint discomfort or experiences holiday stress, our Edibites may be a great option for your pup. Make sure to try out all five of our trial size flavors including Calming Chews for Dogs – Trial, Peppered Bacon Chews for Dogs – Trial, Immunity Chews for Dogs – Trial, Hip & Joint Chews for Dogs – Trial, and Digestive Chews for Dogs – Trial.

Canna Care Topical 1oz

Does your dog often get into itchy situations? If you nodded yes to yourself just now, then our Canna Care Topical may be the best stocking stuffer for your pup! Pet Releaf’s award-winning Canna Care CBD Topical for Dogs is made with 100% plant-based ingredients and may help with dry skin, skin irritations, insect bites, and more. So if your pup experiences cracked paws in the winter months, rubbing some Canna Care on their paws may help ease the occasional discomfort and help maintain the normal moisture content of the skin. Our topical is available in a 1oz container, the small size fits perfectly in your purse or backpack so it’s easily accessible when you’re out and about.

CBD Capsules

Our Organic CBD Capsules for Dogs come in a small, convenient bottle that will fit in your pet’s stocking! Every bottle contains 30 capsules with 15mg of active CBD per capsule. As they are of a higher potency, they’re perfect for dogs who may need more support, whether it be for situational stress or occasional discomfort. These are perfect for bringing on-the-go, whether you’re at the dog park or on a road trip with your dog, our CBD capsules can be administered anywhere. If your dog doesn’t like taking pills, try disguising the capsule with a tiny bit of peanut butter to get your pup to take the beneficial supplement. Our capsules contain our organic full spectrum CBD hemp extract mixed with organic coconut oil (MCT) inside of a clear, vegan capsule.

Can CBD help with my pet’s holiday stress?

As CBD may promote calmness and relaxation during stressful situations, we recommend giving it a try this holiday season! All our stocking stuffer ideas may help with your pet’s situational stress this year. Whether your pet feels uneasy when you have company over or fireworks on New Year’s Eve, we’ve got a calming product for your pet.

If you’re planning on adding our Trial Size Edibites to your pet’s stocking stuffer, try out our Calming Chews for Dogs. Along with CBD, our Calming Edibites incorporate chamomile and baobab to further support calm behavior during stressful events.

If your dog has higher stress levels, you may want to look into the Organic CBD Capsules for your pup’s stocking stuffer! These can be administered about an hour before a stressful activity, so it has time to kick in. If your pup is still feeling a little uncomfortable during the holiday festivities, try administering the Edibites for additional calming support!

Looking to try out our Canna Care Topical? Add that into your pup’s stocking for calming support as well! Many pet parents rub a little CBD-infused topical on their dog’s ears to help ease their stress.

Not sure what present to buy your pet for the holidays this year?

Our Product Finder offers custom product recommendations based on your pet’s age, weight, and health status to help you find the perfect CBD gift for the holidays. If you’re still unsure, feel free to reach out to our customer service team at info@petreleaf.com or call them directly at 1-844-646-1646. They will be happy to help you find the right gift for your furry friend!

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