What We Learned About Our Pets During COVID-19

Aug 18, 2020

You learn something new about your pets everyday!

Whether you’re still working from home or you’re starting to make your way back to work or back to school, we’re sure you picked up on some new traits from your pets along the way. With the ever changing climate of working from home and heading back into the office, it can surely be a lot for you and your pet to get accustomed to. With these constant changes to work life in 2020, we decided to check in with our Pet Releaf Instagram audience to see what they learned the most about their pets since COVID-19 hit this year!

What have you learned about your pets?

As we each deal with different circumstances when it comes to our careers and school life, we can almost guarantee that your pet’s love for you remains the same! With navigating the world through a new lens, you’ve most likely noticed some nuances with your pet as they adjust to a new schedule. There are many instances where you may notice something quirky with your pet, whether it be their eating or sleeping habits or their general behavior. As most pets enjoy their human’s company 24/7, some pets may still be adjusting to no longer having their alone time throughout the day. With every pet being different, it’s fascinating to learn what our audience learned about their pets during these unprecedented times! 

Here are what some pet parents learned about their pets during COVID-19:

“They have endless energy!!”

“They always want to be the center of attention.”

“They don’t like their sleep being disturbed”

“He now has separation anxiety and is on Pet Releaf and he’s much better!” 

“I learned my cats’ sleep schedule and when they start getting hungry!”

“She is so anxious.”

“She’s amazing and adaptable.”

“They love having me home 24/7 and there is no such thing as too many treats.”

“They sleep A LOT.”

“They get tired of me being here all the time!”

Have you noticed your pet start to struggle with separation stress?

One major struggle we often hear about during these stressful times is separation stress. If your pet starts feeling stressed out as you start heading back into the office, it’s a great idea to start implementing Pet Releaf CBD pet products in their daily regimen! Try administering either our Edibites or CBD Hemp Oils about an hour before you leave the house to help them stay calm while you’re gone. 

Crunchy Peanut Butter & Banana Large Breed

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Have you learned something new about your pet and want to share? 

Send us a message on Instagram or an email over to [email protected] about what you learned about your pet since COVID-19. We’d also love to hear about how you incorporate Pet Releaf products in your pet’s daily schedule to help them stay calm during times of stress! 

Looking to learn more about supporting your pets during COVID-19?

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