What are the effects of CBD on dogs when given every day?

Aug 19, 2021

Humans have been using the hemp plant for many years to help support their overall wellness and specific health concerns.  Naturally, given how effective these plants may be on humans, dog owners and their veterinarians are wondering if these plants can help our furry friends the same way.

We know from scientific studies, such as the one referenced in a 2018 article in Frontiers In Veterinary Science, a leading international veterinary medicine journal, that CBD oil given to dogs with occasional joint discomfort improved mobility and the amount of occasional discomfort

There is also a lot of anecdotal evidence, that is, stories from people’s everyday experiences, that CBD may help with pets experiencing external stressors.

So, while more research is needed (in fact the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation sponsored a study on CBD and canine epilepsy), we can guess that daily use of CBD may help support the nervous systems of dogs, which may either support your pup’s mood or help their responses to daily stressors, like the person delivering your mail or you leaving your home. Additionally, CBD may help support joint health and movement.

Is CBD safe for dogs daily?

a dog taking pet cbd

While there is more research needed to determine how CBD affects dogs, it appears that CBD is beneficial for dogs to use daily when being given the recommended dosage. According to PubMed, a study was done to determine the safety of giving pets CBD. This study looked at what happened when healthy cats and dogs were given two milligrams of hemp-based (all commercial CBDs are from the hemp plant, which is a close cousin to the marijuana plant) concentrated CBD by mouth twice a day for 12 weeks. Blood panels demonstrated many animals did not experience a negative impact.

Another study done using 24 dogs tested for how five milligrams of CBD would change the dogs’ daily activities. The dogs were fitted with electronic activity monitors and it was shown that this higher dosage of CBD did not substantially change their interactions or activity level

Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs?

Dr. Jerry Klein, the Chief Veterinary Officer for the American Kennel Club, calls the issue of whether or not Veterinarians can recommend CBD “…an intriguing topic.”. However, this in no way shape, or form should prevent you from bringing CBD up with your vet. Like with any physician no topic related to health, or in this case, the health of your pet, should be off-topic. Dr. Klein recommends doing your own thorough research, and to find peer-reviewed studies. That said, Dr. Klein says that you should check with your vet if your pet is already on medications and that some vets may know more about different CBD products. In addition, veterinarians can recommend other treatment options to go along with your own CBD plan. Dr. Klein is hopeful that as further research is done into CBD and dogs, and as the laws change (which they do often) your vet will be able to give you clear and accurate advice about when to give your dog CBD, as well as being able to answer, “how much” and “when”.

Pet Releaf just launched Sentesa, their line of professional CBD products, which are designed by veterinarians and made for veterinarians. These products are made with Pet Releaf’s organic, sustainably grown hemp, and are being clinically tested on dogs with osteoarthritis. These high-quality CBD products may help your pet be calm in the midst of environmental stressors and promote healthy hips and joints in your pet. Ask your veterinarian if they’ve heard of Sentesa, and if they’d consider bringing the products into their practice.

What happens if you give your dog too much CBD?

To be safe, please contact a health professional immediately in case of an accidental overdose, so they can provide a peace of mind or next steps to take. One important factor to this question is the type and quality of CBD given (or sneakily stolen!). If your dog got into marijuana gummies meant for people, a condition called THC toxicity could occur. If your pup got into a hemp-derived CBD product, depending on how much he or she gobbled down, you are most likely in for a normal reaction to anything else your pet devoured that they should not have eaten. According to the ASPCA, you’re looking at some possible throwing up, sleepiness, loss of appetite (who wants to eat when their stomach is upset?), and everyone’s favorite, diarrhea. Contacting your veterinary professional can help guide you with what you should do next and if your dog needs to be taken into the veterinary office for a check-up.

When giving your pet the correct recommended usage of a high-quality CBD product, like those from Pet Releaf, you can feel confident that your pet’s overall health is being supported. Pet Releaf’s CBD products are designed to be administered every day. Pet Releaf’s hemp CBD oil (also comes in convenient capsules!) and Edibite chews may support a healthy immune system, help maintain healthy hips and joints, promote calmness and relaxation in the face of daily stressors, and help support healthy skin.

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