How to Administer Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil Products

Giving CBD Oil to Pets

At Pet Releaf, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality CBD hemp oil products for pets in the industry. We understand that oftentimes our customers are turning to our products when their loved one is struggling with a specific health need, which makes our products’ effectiveness of vital importance.

Making sure you’re seeing the greatest possible results from Pet Releaf products all starts with administering them correctly.

How Often Should I Administer Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil Products?

All Pet Releaf products should be administered twice daily. Our USDA organic CBD hemp oil has a half-life of nine hours, by splitting the daily usage between the AM and PM you’re ensuring your pet is covered for the majority of the day!

How To Administer Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oils:

Pet Releaf Hemp Oils should be administered outside of mealtimes directly in your pet’s mouth for max absorption.

How To Administer Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oils:

Pet Releaf Liposomal Hemp Oils should be administered during or after mealtime.

Why can the Liposomes be administered during mealtime but the traditional Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil cannot?

You can read all about the science behind our Liposome Hemp Oils and why they can be administered during mealtime here!

Why shouldn’t I put traditional Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil on my pet’s food?

Dog and cats GI tracts, the system in the body that handles digestion, is much shorter than that of humans. This means that once a dog or cat eats, they metabolize their food and digest it at a much quicker pace.

If our products were to be placed on a meal, it’s more likely that it will digest out with their food rather than being absorbed into the bloodstream.

How long should I wait before or after a meal to give my dog traditional Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil?

We recommend waiting at least 15 minutes before or after a meal to administer the product. However, if you can hit that hour benchmark, even better!

I’ve purchased Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil and my pet won’t take it without the use of food, can I still use this bottle?

Yes! You can absolutely still use this bottle of Pet Releaf Hemp Oil. Here are some suggestions on how to make our Pet Releaf Hemp Oils more appetizing to your pet:

  • Place the oil alone in their food bowl. Your pet already associates their bowl as where all the yummy things go. Putting the oil in the bowl can entice licking it right up!
  • Place our oil right on one of our Edibites

If you find your pet is continuously finicky, check out our Liposome Hemp Oils for your next purchase!