What Does Pet Releaf CBD Oil Look Like?

A little update for you on our extraction process!

At Pet Releaf, we never cut corners when it comes to bringing you the most high quality CBD pet products. Which is why we use a supercritical CO2 extraction method and only source the most beneficial ingredients to support your pet’s overall health! We never want to compromise on quality when it comes to you and your fur family. If you’ve ordered from us before, you most likely know what the color of our CBD Hemp Oil generally looks like. Given that our CBD products use all-natural and raw ingredients, there will always be natural variations in color!

What is supercritical CO2 extraction?

To retrieve all of the beneficial cannabinoids from the hemp plant, including CBD, it has to be extracted. With supercritical CO2 extraction, it works by only using pressurized air at extremely low temperatures without the use of any chemicals. A lot of other companies will use toxic solvent extraction methods, which isn’t deemed as safe since it could leave residual traces of chemicals in the final product. In the CO2 extraction process, we can assure you that there will not be traces of any harsh solvents in the final product as we do not use them in our extraction process.

Why does the oil color look lighter than usual?

Not only are we on a mission to change what healthy means for pets, but we are constantly making strides to improve our already high-quality standards and all-natural ingredients. We recently upgraded to new, state-of-the-art equipment for our CO2 extraction process. This improvement allows us to eliminate even more plant material, such as chlorophyll and plant waxes. Although it may result in the oil not being as dark, this does not mean that it doesn’t have any of our full spectrum hemp extract in there. If you were to give it a taste, you would notice there is still a hemp flavor.

What colors can you expect to find?

Our standard Hemp Oils can often look like either an amber, yellow, or clear.

Let’s compare to Kombucha!

As many kombucha products also contain a lot of raw, all-natural ingredients, they too can vary in different colors. If you were to line up 20 different bottles of kombucha, there is bound to be variance in the color consistency. Just like we use raw, all-natural ingredients ourselves, you can expect a similar variation in our products as you would with your favorite kombucha brand.

Check out our product testings!

At Pet Releaf, we have 3rd party lab testing on all of our products! We update our product testing page to assure that you are receiving the potency you paid for. We also provide our contaminants and solvents testing so you can be confident that there are no residual solvents or contaminants in our products. Feel free to look up the specific Hemp Oil you purchased as well as the lot number on the box and bottle to view the product testings associated with your product!

Still have questions?

Feel free to email us over your concerns at info@petreleaf.com or give us a call at 844-646-1646 where our customer support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Also, be sure to check out our FAQs to see if we’ve already answered your question!

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