The Ultimate Training Guide With Pet Releaf Edibites

As pet parents, we know that training can be a difficult task with your new puppy or senior pup. If your pet gets stressed easily during a session, using our Edibites as a reward may help your dog stay relaxed! While our CBD-infused Edibites are an awesome way to keep your pup calm, they can also be great for occasional mobility issues and even helping your pet stay focused, which can be key for training. If you’re looking for an overall health supplement to support your fur friend’s physical and mental health during your training sessions, our Edibites are a great place to start!

Rewarding Your Pet

Treat your pet to a tasty supplement! Our Chews are available in a variety of flavors such as Peppered Bacon, Peanut Butter & Carob, Peanut Butter & Banana, Sweet Potato Pie, and Blueberry Cranberry. It doesn’t matter if your pup enjoys a sweet or a savory bite, we’ve got your pup’s palate covered either way! Our Chews can be mashed up, broken, or cut up into smaller pieces so you can use them as little rewards when you’re training your dog. Giving your pup smaller rewards not only helps your pup stay calorie-conscious but can help your dog stay focused during training. When you reward your pup with a larger treat, your dog can often get distracted while chewing and might not be able to pick up on the training as easily. With smaller rewards, it can help them stay on the task at hand!

Staying Calm

If your puppy gets stressed out easily while learning a new trick or command, try administering CBD Hemp Oil about an hour before a training session. CBD has calming and soothing properties to help your pup’s situational stress. Whether your pup would prefer an oil on an empty stomach or during mealtime, we have options for both with our standard Hemp Oils and our Liposomal CBD Oils. We also have our Peanut Butter & Carob Stress Releaf Edibites that incorporate functional ingredients like chamomile to promote calmness and relaxation. As there are no known overdoses on CBD, during your training session, feel free to reward your pup with our Edibites to help them continue to keep calm.

Keeping Focus

When you administer CBD to your pet, it activates their endocannabinoid system. This creates a two-way communication system between the brain and other systems in your pet’s body to help them function at optimum levels of health. If your pet loses focus pretty easily with training, we’d first recommend going to a quiet area in your room or backyard, rather than a park full of other distracting dogs and people. But even if your pup gets distracted in the backyard with birds flying and squirrels scrambling around, administering CBD is also a great way to help enhance their brain function to cope with external stressors. This is a great way to help your dog stay concentrated when training is the main focus.

Supporting Healthy Joints

When you’re teaching your dog how to fetch, it may involve a lot of running back and forth. If your pup suffers from occasional joint discomfort, try administering our CBD Hemp Oils beforehand to help support joint flexibility and mobility, especially for those senior pups! The added boost of the Edibites rewards throughout the session may also help their discomfort. If you’re looking for a hip and joint-specific product, try out our Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites to support healthy hips and joints!

Supporting Gut Health

Elevate your dog’s training sessions with Digestive Releaf Edibites! Unlike other incentives that can sometimes cause distress to pets, our chews prioritize both training success and your pet’s digestive well-being. Digestive Releaf Edibites not only support optimal digestion and bowel health but also address occasional stomach distress caused by stress or dietary changes!

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