7 Relatable Dog Facts For Pet Parents

We bet you can relate to all seven of these dog facts!

As pet parents, we know that your love grows stronger for your favorite pet companion each and every day. Whether it’s the joy they bring you when you come home from a rough workday or those extra cuddles you get on a Sunday morning, you most likely view your pet as your best friend. We decided to round up seven fun facts that you’ll find super relatable as a pet parent. From your pet’s sleeping habits to the way they benefit your overall health, you’ll love and surely relate to these dog facts!

1. Yawning is contagious

When a person in the same room yawns, in a few short moments, you’ll most likely yawn too. Yawning can be extremely contagious—and it’s not just with us humans, dogs can get stuck in the yawning trap as well! Try yawning around your dog and you might just notice your dog start to yawn as well.

2. Dogs sleep a lot

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been jealous of the amount of sleep your dog gets on a daily basis. Dogs spend about 50% of their day sleeping. It can vary from dog to dog as puppies, large breed dogs, and older dogs may require more sleep per day. When it comes to smaller dogs and working dogs, they may sleep a bit less per day.

3. Dogs can help lower blood pressure

There has been several studies that show that dog owners have lower blood pressure than non-owners. If you’ve ever snuggled up to your dog and felt significantly calmer, that just may be why! Dogs have been known to have a calming effect on humans. Plus, dog owners usually get more exercise with all the daily walks and playing which can also attribute to the lower blood pressure.

4. Your dog can help you get a date

Dogs just may help you get a date! One study had asked volunteers to rate people based on their appearance and for people that were photographed with a dog, they ranked as happier, safer, and more relaxed in their photos. There’s also another study where men had more luck getting a woman’s phone number if they had a dog with them. So, if you’re looking for love, start bringing your dog with you on your daily walks at the park.

5. It’s okay if your dog isn’t a cuddler

If you’ve ever felt like a bad pet parent because your dog doesn’t like to cuddle as much, don’t worry! All dogs are different with their levels of affection, there could be many reasons why a dog might not enjoy cuddling. If you’ve adopted a rescue from a shelter, it’s tough to know what exactly the dog went through before they got to your home. Another reason could be that they’re experiencing pain and don’t want to be touched. If that’s the case, you should bring them into your veterinarian for a check-up. Also, it could be just that your dog was born this way. Just like some people aren’t very touchy-feely, your dog could be the same way.

6. Dogs can sniff out your emotions

Dogs can sense our emotions by smell! When there is a change in our emotions throughout the day, our hormones also change. Our dogs can detect these hormones in our breath as well as our sweat. This is why you may notice your dog’s demeanor changing when they see you experiencing happiness or stress.

7. Do you sign your dog’s name on your greeting cards?

According to an American Animal Hospital Association survey, 70% of people include their pet’s name on greeting cards! We see our pets as equal members of the family, so sometimes it’s a no-brainer to sign your best pet companion’s name on the bottom of your holiday card.

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