What You Need To Know About Our New Hemp Oil Packaging

All of our standard Hemp Oils will now include the USDA Organic Seal!

You may remember our recent Liposome Hemp Oils packaging update where we replaced the full spectrum cannabinoid number to the active CBD number on the front of the packaging. Well, our standard Hemp Oils for Dogs and Cats are now making the same switch! We know that navigating the CBD world can often be confusing, so we wanted to make it easier for pet parents to find the CBD number on our oils. Even though we always had the active CBD number listed below our full spectrum number, we wanted to make it even more noticeable as there has always been confusion on how to differentiate the full spectrum number from the active CBD number.

We have updated our Hemp Oil 100 (previously Hemp Oil 330), Hemp Oil 200 (previously Hemp Oil 700), and Hemp Oil 500 (previously Hemp Oil 1700) on our website with our brand new packaging!

Plus, did we mention that our standard Hemp Oils will now proudly display our USDA Organic seal? We’re so honored to have achieved this certification on our standard Hemp Oils!

What’s new?

At Pet Releaf, we extract from the entire hemp plant to retrieve all of the beneficial cannabinoids from the hemp plant along with the CBD. On all of our packaging, we had listed the full spectrum cannabinoid number first as well as the active CBD number. We made the conscious decision to make the active CBD number more prominent on our packaging to avoid confusion on how much active CBD is actually in the product!

USDA Organic Seal

Sourcing only the highest quality hemp farmed in the U.S. is our top priority and we have always incorporated USDA Certified Organic hemp in many of our products. We are now happy to announce that we have passed our USDA Organic audit on our standard Hemp Oils. Our standard Hemp Oils integrate all certified organic ingredients, so we can proudly display our USDA seal on our oil packaging!

Did any of the ingredients change?

Our standard Hemp Oils include the same two ingredients just as they always have. The two ingredients being our organic full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD mixed with organic coconut oil (MCT).

Did the potency levels change?

Nope! Our CBD potency levels are still the same. We upload our 3rd party laboratory product testing directly on our website to ensure our potency levels!

Here is what each box will look like now:

Hemp Oil 100 (Previously Hemp Oil 330)

Hemp Oil 200 (Previously Hemp Oil 700)

Hemp Oil 500 (Previously Hemp Oil 1700)

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