More Pets Go Missing July 4 Weekend Than Any Other Time of Year

The Fourth of July brings cookouts, family gatherings, sparklers, and festivals. But it also comes with a not-so-fun statistic: thousands of pets will go missing across the U.S. between July 4-6 this year. In fact, shelters and animal control officials report a 30 – 60% increase in lost pets across the U.S. during that time according to PetAmberAlert. Why? It’s pretty simple: animals find loud noises terrifying.

Around 20% of lost pets go missing after being scared by a loud noise, ASPCA reports. But up to 50% of pets fear loud noises. So it’s no surprise the Fourth of July brings about the highest number of lost pets. Even the best-behaved pets can bolt when they’re surprised or scared. Unfortunately, only around 14% of lost pets are returned.

Prevent Your Dog From Going Missing July 4

The good news is that losing a pet is preventable, especially if you take action before the holiday weekend. Make sure you’re prepared a few days ahead of July 4 weekend with everything you’ll need:

Updated ID & Microchip

Prepare for the worst. If your dog does manage to escape from you during the holiday weekend, the chances of return are much higher if your dog is easily identifiable. Make sure your dog’s collar fits properly and has an easy-to-read tag with your up-to-date contact info. Take your pet to the vet and make sure their microchip is still activated. You may also consider a smart collar with your dog’s GPS location.

Calming Supplements for Pets

Calming supplements like Pet Releaf CBD oils and chews can help your pet manage situational stress during July 4. Stress Releaf Hemp Oil is designed specifically to help dogs and cats feel calm and is best administered around an hour before the festivities begin. Stress Releaf Edibites are convenient calming chews to have on-hand as well. When your dog is calm, they are less likely to react to fireworks or bolt at loud noises. Many pet owners report their pets sleeping through the entire fireworks show thanks to Pet Releaf!

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Crate or Safe Area

It’s important that your pet has an area where they feel safe and where they are protected. Set up your dog’s crate in a quiet room of the house with comfortable blankets, or put up a baby gate to close off certain areas of the house to guests. You might try turning on the TV or turning up classical music in your dog’s quiet room to help drown out the fireworks.

How Long Before Fireworks to Give Pet CBD

All pets are different, so find out your cat or dog’s ideal dosage and timing ahead of July 4. In general, you can start administering CBD to your dog a few days before July 4. At a minimum, give your dog CBD the morning of July 4 or at least an hour before fireworks start. CBD has a half-life of 9 hours but depending on your schedule of events, you may want to re-administer throughout the day/night.

Best CBD For Pets Scared of Fireworks

Stress Releaf Hemp Oil is a brand-new functional oil designed specifically to help cats and dogs manage stress and promote calming. It’s a great option for pets who are scared by fireworks or pets who get stressed in busy or loud settings. For dogs that prefer calming chews, the conveniently packaged Stress Releaf Edibites are perfect to have on-hand. There are many other Pet Releaf oils that help promote calming in pets, including Liposome oils, which can be administered with meals.

Don’t Wait Until July 3

The best time to prepare for fireworks season is before it begins. Give yourself plenty of time to desensitize your pet to loud noises, make a plan, and order CBD. July 4 may be a fun day for you, but it can be traumatic for pets, and without proper preparation, your dog or cat may become the latest statistic. Don’t let your pet be one of the thousands that go missing this fireworks season. Prep now for a stress-free Fourth of July!

Last-Minute Options for CBD

If you waited too late before July 4 to order CBD for your pet, don’t panic. Find a store near you that sells Pet Releaf pet CBD and pick up some last-minute calming chews or oils.

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