8 Ways You Can Be The Best Pet Parent Ever

We’re positive that your pet already thinks you’re the best, but there isn’t any reason to not keep evolving to be the very best. Whether you’re looking to feed them a more nutritious diet or find the perfect routine, it’s important to find what works best for you and your pet. No one is perfect, so don’t be too tough on yourself as your pet’s love for you is unconditional. If you’re looking for ways to improve or additional ways you can be the best pet parent ever, we’ve got you covered.

Be Patient

Like they say, patience is a virtue. If you’ve just rescued a new puppy or have a dog who is experiencing signs of aging, it’s important to express your patience. For example, when you’re in a training session with your pet companion, try not to display any negative energy towards your dog as training isn’t perfected overnight. Whether you’re looking to start crate training or housetraining, showing a little patience and compassion can go a long way. Keeping a positive energy can help create the best environment for learning. If you start acting frustrated, it’ll only discourage your dog.

Even when your pets start showing signs of aging and may not be able to walk as fast or as long anymore, being patience is important as you don’t want to aggressively pull on your dog’s leash if they’re feeling tired or in pain. Instead, alter your pet’s walk with a slower pace and break down longer walks into shorter with your senior pet companion. Looking for other ways to support your older dog? Read our Keeping Your Aging Pet Comfortable With CBD Oil blog.

Create a Routine

It’s time to create a daily routine for your pet to ensure all of their needs are met! Routine is often based on your weekly schedule, so it might differ on weekdays versus the weekend. Ultimately, it’s all about what works for you and your pet. Every day begins with the most important meal of the day—breakfast. Try preparing a delicious and nutritious breakfast bowl that incorporates their daily supplements to start the day off on the right paw. (Don’t worry, we’ll get to nutrition in a few). It’s also vital to go on walks in the morning and evening, for a convenient exercise for you and your pet throughout the day.

There are endless ways you can improve your pet’s schedule, but have you added dental care into your pet’s bedtime routine? Check out our Vet Corner: 4 Pet Dental Health Tips to learn some at-home dental care tips you can practice with your pet companion.

Bring Your Pet With You

Bring your pet along for the ride! Whether you’re going on a road trip, camping trip, or just a day hike with your friends, bring your furry friend along! It’s important to do your research to ensure campsites, hotels, and hiking trails are pet-friendly before you go. Make the best out of your trip by having the perfect bonding session with your best pet companion.

Provide a Nutritional Diet

We know that finding the perfect dog food can often be difficult. Did you know that cricket protein is a great alternative to animal protein for your pet’s health? Cricket protein can work as a prebiotic and support your dog’s allergies. Try Jiminy’s dog food and use their Eco Calculator to find out how much you and your pet would be saving by switching to cricket protein.

If you’re looking to feed your dog a raw diet, look no further than our friends over at SmallBatch Pets. They source only natural humanely raised and harvested meats as well as certified organic fresh whole vegetables and herbs for their dog foods and treats. If you’re interested in switching your dog to a raw diet, check out their raw food transition guide!

Essential Visits

It’s essential to keep up with your pet’s grooming care as well as their veterinary check-ups. Make sure the groomers and vets you are working with are people you can trust and are giving your dog the ultimate care. How often your dog should be groomed is completely dependent on your dog’s breed, hair length, and type of coat so it’s important to research those areas to determine the best grooming schedule for your dog. In between grooming appointments, you should also brush your dog’s hair at least once a week to help with shedding and prevent matting.

Along with regular veterinary check-ups, make sure to bring your pet to their local vet if you notice anything out of the ordinary. It’s often better to be safe than sorry, especially when your pet is experiencing pain or isn’t eating regularly.

Does your pet get nervous during trips to the groomers or the vet? Make sure to administer CBD oil about an hour before their visit to promote relaxation.


Provide your pet with a space they can call their own, like a dog bed! Our friends at Cycle Dog have a Waterproof Barrier Nestle Dog Bed in a variety of colors to provide your pet with their own comfortable space. Their dog beds are made in the USA with an antibacterial treatment to protect the bed from bad odors. Having a bed or blanket for your pet companion can help them feel more relaxed and can even ensure better sleep to relax their joints.


It’s always important to set aside time for a play session in the backyard or park, especially if you’re gone all day at work. When you get home, spoil them with a game of catch with their favorite toy or a fun run-around the backyard! If your pet isn’t too keen on playtime or just isn’t the playful type in general, show your love with a nice cuddle session to help you and your pet destress after a long day.

Support Their Health Needs

Find pet-friendly supplements to support your pet’s overall wellness! Whether you’re looking to support a healthy immune system or promote calmness and relaxation, Pet Releaf CBD products have something for your pets. We have a variety of flavored CBD-infused Edibites that incorporate functional ingredients to support a healthy immune system, optimal body function, hip and joint health, digestive health, and promote calmness.

There are unlimited ways you can be the best pet parent ever, but we hope our suggestions help you and your pets feel their best. If you’re unsure of what Pet Releaf CBD product to administer to your pet if they’re having hip and joint discomfort, experiencing situational stress, or need an immune system boost—try out our Product Finder for a custom product recommendation!

Looking for more ways to support your dog as a pet parent?