How to Host a Pet-Friendly Football Party for the Big Game

As the season’s most anticipated football event approaches, excitement is in the air! It’s time to make plans for the big game. This year, why not organize a celebration that combines the thrill of football, delicious food, captivating half-time performances, and the joyous company of your friends, family, and, importantly, their pets!

Welcoming pets into your game day plans adds a whole new level of fun and doesn’t have to be intimidating. With a few small adjustments, you can create an environment that is both enjoyable and safe for your guests and their pets, making sure everyone is included in the festivities. Here’s our guide to throwing the best, memorable, and pet-friendly football party:

Creating a Pet-Safe Party Atmosphere

First things first, transform your space into a festive yet safe zone for pets. When choosing decorations, it’s crucial to avoid confetti, candles, party poppers, balloons, and other decorations that make loud noises or could be mistaken for a toy. Opt for large, sturdy, non-toxic materials that are harmless if chewed. Your decorations can still be vibrant and on-theme, just pet-proof!

Preparing Pet-Friendly Game Day Snacks

While setting up your array of game-day treats, remember your furry friends! Common party favorites like guacamole, alcohol, bones from ribs or wings, onions, garlic, and sweets are harmful to pets. Instead, prepare a separate spread of pet-friendly snacks. Offer them safe (and calming) options like our Edibites. Don’t forget to have plenty of fresh water available to keep your pet guests well-hydrated.

puppy dog playing fetch with football at superbowl party

Keeping Four-legged Friends Entertained During the Game

Pets need entertainment too! Set up a mini play area with toys and a designated fetch zone. This space will allow pets to interact, expend energy, and have their own version of game day fun. It’s also a great way for pets to socialize in a controlled environment.

Setting Up a Stress-Free Quiet Zone

The excitement of a football game isn’t for every pet. Some pets might find the loud noises and unfamiliar environment stressful. To cater to these pets, set aside a quiet, cozy space away from the commotion where they can relax. You can use products like Stress Releaf CBD Oil to help minimize pets’ stress in these situations. This area will be a safe space for pets who need a break from the festivities.

Creating a Football-Themed Pet Photo Booth

Capture the fun and spirit of the day with a football-themed photo booth. You can set up props like mini footballs, team jerseys, and cheerleader pom-poms. This is a creative and interactive way for your guests to create lasting memories with their pets.

By incorporating these elements into your game day plans, you’re set to host a party that’s enjoyable for everyone involved – humans and pets alike. A pet-friendly party is a unique way to celebrate the big game, creating an inclusive atmosphere that acknowledges the special place pets hold in our lives.