Founder's Letter June 2024

Each month one of our co-founders, Chelsea Gennings, writes a personal note to community members. We hope you enjoy this closer look into our journey and the values that drive us at Pet Releaf. The best way to read our monthly Founder’s Letter is by subscribing to our email list.

Hey there,  

It’s me, Chelsea, back in your inbox for June! June is a big month around here. Why? The 4th of July is the #1 day pets go missing. So many pet parents start seeking out CBD for the first time to help manage stress related to fireworks. Maybe you’re one of them, if so, we’re so happy you’ve found us.  

This month, I wanted to share my personal recs on how to make sure you get the most out of the CBD products you purchased for the 4th and give a personal introduction to our brand new website, which is now live (!!) 

Administer Like a Pro 


Just like humans, every pet is different, which is why our recommended usages are just that — recommendations. No matter the product you’ve purchased,  you'll find the usage we suggest you start out with based on your pet's weight on the back of the packaging. Depending on your pet's metabolism or stress levels, you might need more CBD per usage than what we recommended. The good news is you can’t overdo it, so slowly work your way up if you think your pet needs more. A good signal that your pet is getting too much is loose stool.  

The key to seeing the best results by the 4th is to give the CBD time to compound in your pet’s system. I recommend starting to administer it at least 72 hours before the holiday. Our Fireworks Bundle is a great way to get the calming products that we’ve seen  pet parents have the most success with! I’d suggest using the Stress Releaf Oil in the AM/PM and the Stress Releaf Edibites throughout the day / during triggering events to keep them supported.  

If you missed our recent 4th of July prep sale, respond to this email with the word ‘discount’ and I’ll make sure you get 20% off your next order 😉 

Our Website Got an Upgrade 

For two years (yes, you read that correctly!) our team has been working on a new website to elevate your customer experience and make it even easier to find the best Pet Releaf product for your pet. Now, it's officially live! There are TONS of new features we designed with your feedback in mind. Here’s a breakdown of all the newness.  

Wishing you and your entire family a fun and safe 4th of July!  

Be back next month,