CBD Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites: What You Need To Know

Learn how Pet Releaf CBD Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites may help support your dog’s hip or joint discomfort!

Whether your dog is starting to show beginning signs of aging or they are an active pup who experiences occasional discomfort after a long walk or hike, our Peanut Butter & Banana Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites may be a great option for them. At Pet Releaf, we strive to bring your pets not only the highest quality CBD pet products but also the most effective. With our CBD Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites, we have incorporated functional ingredients that may help promote healthy hip and joint health for your dog’s overall wellness!


Pet Releaf CBD Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites incorporate roasted peanut butter flour and dried bananas to give your pup the ultimate flavor combination!

Functional Ingredients

Along with our full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD, we utilize many other beneficial ingredients to support your dog’s hip and joint health! Two major components of our CBD Hip & Joint Releaf Chews are glucosamine and chondroitin. Glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs are often combined with one another to have a positive effect on dog joint health. This wonderful combination may help maintain normal healthy cartilage and joint function as well as be beneficial in supporting joint flexibility and mobility.

Another additional ingredient, noni, was also added to promote healthy joints! Noni is a fruit that contains over 160 phytochemicals that may provide numerous health benefits for pets, such as helping to support the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues as well as promoting a normal inflammatory response in the body.

Sizing Options


Our Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites are available in Small Breed, Medium/Large Breed, Family Size, and Travel Size options. Each Small Breed and Travel Size bag contains 3mg of active CBD per chew, while each Medium/Large Breed and Family Size Edibites bag contains 6mg of active CBD per chew.

What can my dog use CBD Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites for?

hip & joint releaf cbd hemp edibite chews

Whether you enjoy bringing your dog along on nature hikes or long days at the dog park, your dog may experience occasional hip or joint discomfort from normal daily exercise. If your dog is starting to show signs of aging or joint stiffness, adding our CBD Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites as a supplement to their everyday regimen may be beneficial.

Can I only use CBD Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites for hip or joint discomfort?

Don’t worry, if your dog enjoys the Peanut Butter & Banana flavor of our Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites, that doesn’t mean they have to be struggling with hip or joint discomfort. Implementing CBD pet products into your pet’s daily regimen can have a multitude of benefits for their overall wellness as CBD may help your dog’s body reach optimum levels of health. Incorporating our CBD Hip & Joint Releaf Edibites can still be used for dogs of all health statuses.

Depending on your pet’s health needs, you may want to upgrade to one of our higher potency pet CBD products like our Pet Releaf Hemp Oils. If you’re not sure which product would be the best match for your pet, we provide custom product recommendations on our product finder!