4 Ways You Can Use Canna Care Topical For Your Dog This Summer

Does your dog often experience pesky skin irritations during the summer? Our Skin & Paw Releaf topical can be the perfect essential for your pet’s first aid kit. Along with being CBD-infused, our topical includes all natural ingredients like candelilla wax and shea butter that may help support a normal inflammatory response and help maintain the normal moisture content of the skin.

Learn five ways that you can incorporate Canna Care Topical into your dog’s summer routine.

Bug Bites

Going camping or hiking with your dog this summer? Unfortunately, bugs can be on high alert during this season, especially mosquitos when you’re near a lake or pond. If you catch your dog with any itchy bug bites, try applying the topical directly to their skin to help with the constant itching.

If you notice any signs of vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, or anything else out of the ordinary after your dog has been bitten by an insect, please visit your local veterinarian emergency hospital right away as it could be something more serious.

Seasonal Allergies

Do you notice your dog’s allergies are more prominent during certain seasons? If your dog experiences seasonal allergies in the summer, our Skin & Paw Releaf ointment can be a great addition to your dog’s supplement routine. Are you looking to cover your pup’s seasonal allergies from the inside out? Pair up our topical with one of our CBD Hemp Oils. Our Hemp Oils can help support internally while the topical supports externally.

Not sure which oil potency would be the best fit for your dog? Try out our Shop filter to find the best recommendation for your pet companion based on their age, weight, and allergy concerns.

Paw Protection

The summer weather can bring on extreme heat, which can often cause difficulties when it comes to walking your dog. The last thing you want is for your dog’s paws to get burned on the hot pavement. We recommend trying to avoid hot surfaces like the sidewalk or driveway while walking your dog on a hot summer day. It’s ideal to walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun rays aren’t as strong. Or try to stay in shaded areas or on grass to avoid any burns. If an accident does occur and the hot pavement wasn’t avoided, try administering Skin & Paw Releaf on your dog’s paws to help relieve the discomfort. If you’re looking for more ways you can protect your dog from the summer heat, check out our summer heat protection tips!

Occasional Joint Discomfort

With the summer season here, it may mean more exercise for you and your pet. If your dog struggles with occasional stiffness and discomfort in their joints due to daily exercise, it may be time to massage our Canna Care onto your pup’s joints to help them relax. Plus, CBD can support a normal inflammatory response in the body. For extra support, try supplementing our Hip & Joint Releaf Oils or Chews. The chews incorporate functional ingredients, such as noni, glucosamine, and chondroitin to further support mobility and flexibility, while the oils incorporate organic Devil’s Claw.

How to apply Canna Care CBD Topical for Dogs

Skin & Paw Releaf can be applied directly to your dog’s skin. Whether it’s applied to your dog’s paws or massaged on your dog’s joints, it can be applied directly as needed throughout the day.

Is it okay if my dog licks the topical?

Yes, our ointment only includes plant-based ingredients, so nothing toxic for your dogs. If you don’t want your dog licking the area and irritating it, have your dog wear a soft cone around their neck so they can’t reach the area. If it’s on your dog’s paws, try putting some socks on their paws to deter them for licking or biting at the affected area.

Have you tried our CBD topical for dogs? We want to see your dog’s before and after photos! If you have any photos or videos of applying our topical to your pup’s skin, share them us at info@petreleaf.com or tag us on Instagram or Facebook! This way we can share it with other pet parents who may be curious about using topical CBD for their pet companions.

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