3 Ways CBD Hemp Oil May Help Your Pet’s Seasonal Allergies

When your pet starts itching and sneezing, it’s time to search for an all-natural approach to help out their allergy symptoms!

Pet Releaf’s CBD hemp oils may support a normal inflammatory and immune system response in your pet’s body, which is perfect for combatting allergy season. As CBD can work in all parts of the body and more importantly the immune system, it’s a great way to approach your pet’s allergies in a natural, holistic fashion.

1. Immunity Boost

When CBD is consumed in a mammal’s body, their Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is activated. When the ECS is activated, it works as a two-way communication system between the brain and other systems in your pet’s body. One of the major systems that the ECS works with is the immune system. Since allergies can essentially weaken the immune system, it’s important to use CBD hemp oil to help keep it strong!

2. Healthy Inflammatory Response

As the seasons start changing, some pets can break out in rashes which can cause constant scratching. This consistent biting and itching can only worsen the skin irritation. Along with using one of our CBD hemp oils to support a healthy inflammatory response, you can also add our Canna Care Topical. Our topical is 100% vegan and contains many beneficial ingredients that may help soothe your pet’s skin irritations like eucalyptus oil, andiroba oil, and ucuuba butter. The oil and topical can work as the perfect combination since the oil can help cover the inside while the topical can help cover the outside.

3. Calming Effects

Along with the constant itching, it can definitely put a damper on their sleeping habits. We always recommend splitting your pet’s recommended usage amount of our oils between the AM/PM as CBD has a half-life of 9 hours. When you split their usage between the morning and evening, you’re ensuring that your pet is covered for 18 hours of the day. As CBD hemp oil has calming and relaxing properties, this will surely help your pet get enough rest throughout the day and night!

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