15 Hilarious Jokes About Dogs & Cats to Celebrate April Fools Day

Let’s be honest: dogs and cats are undeniably funny creatures. From how they jump around to how they curl up in their beds and chase around any small object they set their sights on, there’s something extraordinary about our furry pals that always puts a smile on our faces. With the amount our pets make us smile, it’s no wonder that many pet parents want to be able to do the same for their furry friends.

But what about our pets and their sense of humor? Do dogs and cats process humor differently than humans, or at all? This question comes to mind for every pet parent at some point, especially given the immense joy and happiness pets bring to our lives.

To help you find the humor in your pets and to celebrate April Fool’s Day, we’ve collected 15 of our favorite dog and cat jokes to tickle your fancy on this special occasion. Additionally, we’ll help you understand the ins and outs of your pet’s humor to bond with your furry friend on the silliest day of the year.

1. What Did the Cat Say After he Ate the Canary?

Yuck! That’s the last time I order the Tweet and Sour!

2. What Did the Dog Say When he Saw a Clay Pot?

Oh, look, a fancy terrier-acotta warrior!

3. What Do Cats Like to Eat for Breakfast?

Some delicious Mice Krispies!

4. What Did the Cat Say When he Didn’t Want to Share His Toy?

It’s mine, fur-ever and ever!

5. What Did the Dog Say When he Saw a Cat Running Away?

I’m gonna bark up the wrong tree today!

6. What Did the Dog Say When He Didn’t Want to Go for a Walk?

It’s raining cats and dogs out there, so I’m staying in!

7. What Do Cats Use to Make Coffee?

A purr-colator!

8. What Did the Dog Say When He Sat Down on Sandpaper?


9. What Do You Call a Cat Who Does Magic Tricks?

A talented purr-former!

15 Hilarious Jokes About Dogs & Cats to Celebrate April Fools Day

10. What Did the Cat Say When He was Chased by a Dog?

I’m really feline the heat today!

11. What Did the Dog Say When he Saw a Cat?

It’s a terrible cat-astrophe!

12. What Did the Dog Say When the Cat Meowed to the Music?

What a beautiful meow-sical performance!

13. Why Did the Cat Cross the Road?

To get to the meowtel!

14. What Did the Dog Say When He Got His Treat?


15. Why Did the Cat Run From the Dog at Night?

Because it was afraid of the bark!

Do Dogs Laugh?

Now that you’ve had a nice laugh from our favorite cat and dog jokes let’s get down to business and answer your burning question: do dogs laugh? Dog parents can rejoice because the answer is yes! However, a dog laugh doesn’t look the same as a human laugh, making it hard for some pet parents to determine when they tickle their dog’s funny bone.

Dogs laugh through forceful panting, also known as a “play pant.” The play pant isn’t a vocal sound like human laughter, but rather a type of heavy breathing where a dog opens his mouth, revealing his tongue and making an expression that’s almost like a smile. A dog’s laugh is a way of inviting their family to play or expressing an excitable mood.

Does My Dog Have a Sense of Humor?

While our jokes might have you laughing, people often wonder if their pets can understand the humor in little things. To simplify things, dogs have a playfulness akin to a human’s sense of humor. To get more in-depth, it’s important to note that a dog’s sense of humor, much like a human’s, is personal, and not all dogs have the same sense of humor. For example, specific breeds typically have a more playful, juvenile humor than others, including the following ultra-playful breeds:

15 Hilarious Jokes About Dogs & Cats to Celebrate April Fools Day

Do Cats Laugh?

Don’t think we’d leave out our purry friends! Whether you want to share silly jokes about cats with your pet or understand your cat on a deeper level, it’s natural to wonder: do cats laugh?

While cats aren’t able to physically laugh, they express their happiness and silliness in other ways. Cats constantly make noises to show you how they feel, from happy purrs to attention-grabbing chirps and outdrawn meows. Unfortunately, there’s no scientific way to know precisely what these noises mean–but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun imagining your pet laughing with you!

Along with these sweet noises, cats show their emotions through movements like slow blinks, a relaxed body, a moving tail, making “biscuits” on you or an object, or rubbing against your leg to show affection. And if your cat greets you at the door with a loud meow, you’re in luck: they’re excited to see you, too!

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