What is a NASC Certification?

Feb 12, 2021

After months and months of work, we are so happy to announce that we have finally achieved the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) Certification on our Pet Releaf CBD products.

To sum up what this means, here’s a quote directly from Bill Bookout, President of NASC:

“The NASC Quality Seal is awarded only to companies that have successfully passed a facility audit and comply with rigorous quality standards, including strict labeling requirements and random product testing by an independent lab. We welcome Pet Releaf as a newly audited member that will provide truly healthy products for our pet companions that will always be made with honesty and integrity.”

At Pet Releaf, we are beyond ecstatic to be awarded the NASC Quality Seal so fellow pet parents can feel confident about supplementing our CBD for dogs and cats.

About NASC

The National Animal Supplement Council is a nonprofit group dedicated to protecting and promoting the health of household pets and horses throughout the United States. The NASC Quality Seal Program first began as an effort to improve and standardize the animal supplement industry. When a pet parent sees the NASC Quality Seal displayed on an animal supplement product, they can be rest-assured that it’s coming from a reputable company.

What does the NASC Quality Seal mean and guarantee?

  • Have a quality control manual in place that provides written standard operating procedures (SOPs) for production process control, which helps ensure the company is providing a consistent and quality product.
  • Have an adverse event reporting/complaint system in place to monitor and evaluate products in real time.
  • Comply with stringent labeling guidelines for all products and all forms of labeling.
  • Include on product labels specific warnings and caution statements for particular ingredients recommended by the Food & Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (FDA-CVM) and the NASC Scientific Advisory Committee.
  • Submit to random product testing by an independent lab to ensure ingredients meet label claim.
  • Products with the NASC Quality Seal are sold by veterinarians, pet specialty stores, farm and tack stores, supermarkets, big-box stores, and online retailers.

With these guarantees, we can be transparent with pet parents that we are following strict labeling guidelines, complying with random independent lab testing, and more. Plus, Pet Releaf is the first and only pet brand to receive program certifications on many of our products from the three most trusted organizations in their respective industries: NASC, U.S. Hemp Authority™, and USDA Organic.

We are so honored to display the NASC Quality Seal on our packaging and want to send a big thank you to the NASC for helping us through this process to ensure that we only provide the highest quality products to our fur friends.

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