Everything You Need To Know About Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil Capsules

May 5, 2020

Hemp Oil Capsules are a convenient way to administer CBD Hemp Oil to your pets in a capsule form! 

As a pet parent, we know convenience is everything. We also know that there are many picky pups out there that aren’t a big fan of taking CBD oil from a dropper. If your pup does well with taking pills or other supplements, then administering Pet Releaf Hemp Oil Capsules to your pups should be a piece of cake! Just like other Pet Releaf products, we only use limited ingredients and with our capsules, there are only 2 ingredients encapsulated inside of a vegan capsule so you can feel safe administering to your pups without unnecessary added ingredients. Plus, we’re going to share how you can take Pet Releaf’s Hemp Oil Capsules as well. 


Our Hemp Oil Capsules are available in two different varieties, a bottle of 30 capsules and a 10-pack! If you’re brand new to hemp supplements we recommend reading our FAQ pages that answer your core CBD questions like What is CBD? If you’re CBD pro, then you’ll be excited to learn that every single capsule contains 85mg of full-spectrum hemp extract with 15mg being active CBD. This means each full 30-capsule bottle contains a total of 2500mg of full-spectrum hemp extract with 450mg being active CBD, while each 10-pack contains a total of 850mg of full-spectrum hemp extract with 250mg being active CBD. We recommend our Hemp Oil Capsule 10-pack for pet parents who need a trial-run of our capsules before upgrading to the bigger bottle! 



Like we said earlier, we only use limited ingredients in our Hemp Oil Capsules. Similar to our standard Hemp Oils, our Hemp Oil Capsules only include 2 ingredients inside of a vegan capsule. The first ingredient is our full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD and the second is organic coconut oil. 

How to Administer

Our Hemp Oil Capsules are best administered on an empty stomach for max absorption. So if your pup does well with taking pills or other capsule supplements, this should be a breeze. If they do struggle with taking the capsule on its own, using a tiny bit of all-natural peanut butter just may do the trick! If all fails, you may want to look into our Liposome Hemp Oils that can be administered during or after mealtime without losing any effectiveness!

What can my dog use Hemp Oil Capsules for?

While CBD is a great supplement to help benefit your pup’s overall health status, it’s also great for targeting specific areas of the body. As every mammal’s body has an endocannabinoid system, also known as the ECS, which is activated when your body consumes CBD, this supplement is great for the immune system. When the ECS is activated, it creates a two-way communication system between the brain and other systems in the body to help them work at optimum levels of health. That being said, many pet parents use CBD to help support their pup’s immune system, situational stress, joint discomfort, and more.


How many capsules should my dog take daily?

We have recommended usage amounts based on your pup’s weight! 

Dog Weight                  Capsule Usage                            Bottle Usage

40-75lbs                           1 Capsule per day                         30 days 

75-125lbs                         2 Capsules per day                        15 days

125-175lbs                       3 Capsules per day                         10 days

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