CBD Peppered Bacon Edibites: What You Need To Know

Mar 22, 2021

Learn how Pet Releaf CBD Peppered Bacon Edibites can support your dog’s everyday wellness!

Everything is better with bacon, which is why we developed our Peppered Bacon Hemp Oil Edibites for dogs! If your dog has been drooling over the bacon sizzling on your stovetop every morning, now they can have their very own taste of bacon. We created our Peppered Bacon Edibites with your dog’s health in mind by incorporating all-natural ingredients to support their everyday wellness, optimal body function, and promote calming effects. Along with the health benefits, we decided to add a bacon flavor to our Edibites product line to satisfy your dog’s tastebuds. If your dog prefers savory over sweet, they’re definitely in a for a treat with our Peppered Bacon Edibites.


While many of our other CBD chews are fruit and vegetable-based, we developed a protein-based flavor for dogs who prefer more of a savory bite. To bring your pup that delectable bacon aroma and taste, we’ve incorporated a natural pork flavor in the ingredient panel. 

Is black pepper safe for my dog?

Yes, black pepper is safe for dogs—in fact, it comes with many benefits. Along with the benefits of CBD for dogs, black pepper contains a compound called piperine, which is an antioxidant that has been shown to help support a normal inflammatory response in the body during the early stages of respiratory issues and seasonal allergies. The piperine found in black pepper has also been shown to support and even enhance brain function, as well as support blood sugar levels within normal ranges. 

Sizing Options


Pet Releaf Edibites are available in three different sizes; Small & Medium Breed, Large Breed, and Trial Size. Each Small & Medium and Trial Size Edibites incorporates 2mg of active CBD per chew, while our Large Breed Edibites contain 5mg of active CBD per chew. Each bag of Small & Medium and Large Breed contain 30 Edibites, while our Trial Size bag contains 10 Edibites.

How can I incorporate Peppered Bacon Edibites in my dog’s daily regimen?

Our Peppered Bacon Edibites will be a beneficial addition to your dog’s supplement cabinet. Each bite was formulated to help support everyday wellness as well as optimal body function. These Edibites can easily be incorporated into your pet companion’s everyday routine. Whether you’re looking for a supplement to give to your pup before breakfast or after a long walk or hike, they can be conveniently administered during your day-to-day schedule. 

Can I only use CBD Peppered Bacon Edibites for supporting everyday wellness?

Pet Releaf Edibites are all infused with full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD. When consumed, CBD can support various parts of the body. Whether you’re looking to calm your pet’s situational stress, support general discomfort, or just looking to support everyday wellness, you can use Peppered Bacon Edibites to support your pet’s everyday needs.

If you’re seeking a higher potency CBD product to support your pet’s specific health concern, try Pet Releaf Hemp Oils! Our Hemp Oils and Edibites are an excellent supplement combination as you can administer our Hemp Oils daily for more specific health concerns and administer the Edibites throughout the day for extra support. Plus, if you have a picky pet, you can always administer your pet’s oil directly on top of an Edibite for a convenient administration method. There are no known overdoses on CBD, so you can always administer more as needed.

Not sure which product you should try for your pet? Give our product finder a try to receive a custom recommendation based on your pet’s age, weight, and health status.

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