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4 Ways to Administer CBD Hemp Oil to Your Picky Pet

May 3, 2018

Just like humans, every pet is different.

At Pet Releaf, our standard full spectrum CBD hemp oils are the most impactful when given on an empty stomach. We understand that not every pet will want to take our oil on its own or straight out of our dropper, here are some other ways to give your pet their daily recommended usage.

Placed in their empty food bowl

There is nothing our pets love more than mealtime! And where do their meals go? In their food bowl! Placing your dog to cat’s recommended oil usage in their empty bowl alongside those scents they relate to mealtime can help them lick the oil right up!

Put on a  Pet Releaf Edibite

For some pets, there is no way they are going to put anything in their mouth that doesn’t taste like a treat. Our Edibites are awesome CBD-infused supplements. You can first place your pet’s recommended usage on an Edibite and then give it to your pup!

Mixed with a little fish oil or tuna juice

Where our cat parents at? Whether you have a cat or a large breed dog, mixing our traditional full spectrum CBD hemp oils with a fish-based oil can help make their daily usage irresistible.

Put on a teaser amount of food

You’ve tried everything and your pet still won’t take the oil. We get it, some pets just can’t be fooled!  You can absolutely place our oil on a teaser amount of food. If you notice that our recommended amount for your pet doesn’t seem to be as impactful and you are administering on a teaser amount of food, we would recommend upping the usage a bit to compensate for the food you’re giving it with.

And don’t forget!

Our traditional Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oils contain the same 2 ingredients:

  • Organic coconut oil (MCT)
  • Certified USDA Organic full spectrum CBD hemp oil

The lower the potency, the more coconut oil. For more finicky cats and dogs, lower potency oils might also be a better option!

Do you feel like administering our CBD hemp oil on food is the only way your pet will take it? Try out our new Pet Releaf Professional Liposomes!

For more information on how to administer Pet Releaf products, check out our administration guide.

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