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8 Ways Pets Can Boost Your Mental Health

Jun 25, 2021

Whether you’re feeling lonely or struggling with anxiety, it can be beneficial to turn to a pet companion for comfort. Although rescuing a pet is a big decision, there are plenty of advantages to adopting your own furry loved one to help support your mental health. Plus, there are many studies out there that showcase how pets can boost your mental health compared to people who do not have any dogs. If you’re not ready for a pet of your own, head over to your friend or family’s house to cuddle up with their pups. Don’t forget your dog’s health is important too, so stock up on our CBD for dogs to support their overall wellness!


If you ask a pet parent, you may hear them say that they would consider their pet to be their best friend. Pets provide sincere companionship, so you don’t have to go home feeling lonely—especially if you live alone. There’s always a smiling face ready to greet you at the door or a dog that’s ready for a cuddle session while you binge-watch your favorite TV show.

Having pets can also encourage you to be more social! If your dog is hitting it off with another furry friend at the dog park, you’ll most likely engage in conversation with their owner. Dogs can help you meet more people in your local community that you may have not thought to speak to before.

Improving Mood and Stress Levels

Women with a happy dog due to positive mental health practices

Life can be incredibly stressful. Whether it’s work or family, stress can often feel like it’s never-ending. Fortunately, pets can lower the stress hormone cortisol, which can help decrease your stress and anxiety levels.

Plus, there have been studies that have shown that making eye contact with your pet releases a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” When this hormone is released, it can make you feel happier!


If you don’t have a dog currently, there may be moments where you lose motivation to get any exercise in. Luckily, when you have a dog, it’s imperative that they get a few walks in a day. This will help create a healthy routine for you and your pet, so you can get your exercise in each day.

There are plenty other responsibilities when it comes to having a dog, such as feeding time, playtime, and grooming. For humans who suffer from anxiety, routines can help them feel like they have more control. A healthy routine can offer a sense of stability in your life.

Less Doctor Visits

A study performed by psychologist and professor, Dr. Judith M. Siegel showcased that elderly dog owners have less visits to the doctor during the year. She had also found a correlation of stressful events were associated with more visits to the doctor when the elderly patient did not have any pets.

People who were experiencing a lot of stress and did not have pets frequented the doctor 16% more than pet owners and 20% more than dog owners.

Emotional Support Animals

man snuggling with his dog offering emotional support

Can any dog become a therapy dog? It all depends on your dog’s temperament, social skills, and the relationship you have with your dog. Some traits that make up the perfect emotional support dog are friendliness, calmness, knowing basic commands, and more. If you believe your dog would be the perfect therapy dog, there are ways you can get your dog registered. Therapy dogs can bring many benefits to the table, such as lowering stress, anxiety, as well as reducing blood pressure and releasing more endorphins.

There has been a study conducted where veterans living with PTSD had showcased better mental health and overall wellness when they had a service dog. Some of the important findings were that they showed lower symptoms of post-traumatic stress, lower levels of depression, as well as higher levels of companionship and lower levels of social isolation.

If you’re planning on training your dog to become an emotional support animal, make sure to use our Edibites for Dogs during the process to ensure a calmer training session.


Dogs often lead us to nature, such as walking your dog in the park and maybe even going for a hike. There has been research providing that being in nature can offer many benefits to us mentally. Nature can relieve stress, motivate us physically, and even spark some creativity.

Whether you’re walking on the beach or in your local park, being surrounded by nature with your best pet companion can boost your mental health.

Decrease Loneliness and Depression

Dogs can bring a sense of companionship when we’re feeling alone mentally and physically. It’s been noted that pet owners have a lower rate of depression and that they often suffer from less symptoms when there is a pet around in the home.

Provide Comfort

girl showing love to her dog by hugging it

Whether you’re sick, sad, or stressed, our dogs can sense our emotions and illnesses. When you’re going through a relationship breakup or lost a loved one, your dog will sense a change in your emotions and can provide comfort to you when you need it the most.

Looking to learn how you can support your dog’s overall wellness?

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