10 Products Your Pet Needs This Winter

Oct 10, 2023

Wondering which products to purchase for your pet this Winter? Pet Releaf has got you covered with our top 10 holiday gifts for pets! At Pet Releaf, we want to ensure the safety and comfort of your pets this winter. As our CBD hemp oil can help aid with your pets’ situational stress this holiday season, we also found 9 other great holiday gifts for pets that are comfortable, stylin’, and super useful!

1. Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oils and Edibites

pet releaf calming bundle cbd hemp oils and chew edibites

If your cat or dog is suffering from situational stress, such as company coming over for the holidays–our CBD hemp oils and chews can be a great addition to your pet’s routine. Our Stress Releaf CBD hemp oils and Stress Releaf CBD Edibites can both promote calming and maintaining contentment during separation, travel, and motion. Not sure which CBD option is best for your pet? At Pet Releaf, we have a product finder based on your pet’s weight, need, and preferred CBD form to help you choose the best option!

2. Boots

pet winer snow boots

Boots are the ultimate winter essential when it comes to walking your dog in the snow. With slippery conditions, salt, and de-icer chemicals being spread on the ground, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Rock salt can be very rough on your dog’s soft paws and de-icers can be potentially harmful to pets when it is ingested. Ruff Wear has boots available for purchase that provide traction and insulation called Polar Trex. These boots are perfect for wintery conditions, designed for warmth with an insulated upper softshell fabric. The Ruffwear-design Vibram outsoles provide traction on very icy grounds. Plus, they even provide a guide on how to help your dog break into their new boots!

3. Non-Toxic Ice Melters

non-toxic ice melters for pets

If your pup isn’t into wearing boots, you can still protect them from toxic de-icers outside your own home! Safe Paw provides a non-toxic ice melter that is safe for your pet’s eyes, paws, and skin. It is also environmentally safe and will leave your pet unharmed if accidentally ingested. So skip out on the rock salt and toxic de-icers and spread some Safe Paw on your driveways and sidewalks this year! Who said that winter safety isn’t one of the greatest holiday gifts for pets?

4. Sweaters

snow winter pet sweaters

Whether your cat or dog is lounging around the house or running wild at the nearest park, they deserve to go out in style. The Posh Puppy Boutique has sweaters with various, fun designs geared for smaller to larger pups. Plus, the smaller sizes even fit cats! Not sure which size your dog or cat would fit? The Posh Puppy Boutique has a sizing guide to ensure you’re purchasing the right size for your pet!

5. Jackets

snow winter warm weather apparel for pets jackets sweaters and snowsuits

Planning on some camping or hiking this winter season? Keep your dog warm with Canada Pooch’s winter jackets, coats, and snowsuits! Canada Pooch’s apparel will keep your pup warm and comfortable even in the harshest of conditions. The jackets have a built-in thermal foil lining that reflects your dog’s body heat to give your pup’s body extra warmth. The surface material is also waterproof to keep your pup dry in the snowy weather!

6. Scarves

snow winter pet scarf and hat

To keep your dogs’ ears and neck warm, Cloak and Dawggie provides a hat and scarf combo that will help shield your pup from the wintery conditions outside! The Aviator Dog Hat and Scarf Set is perfect for dogs with floppy or thin-skinned ears. It’s a stretchy fabric that allows for a close but not restricting fit on your pet’s ears. The hat and scarf can help protect their ears and necks when the temperature starts dropping lower and lower.

7. Blankets

pet blanket and bed

It’s finally cuddling season! What better way to spend those chilly winter nights than snuggled up to your favorite companions? Native Instinct creates blankets that double as a blanket and a dog or cat bed! These blankets have fun, original patterns on the outside and sherpa on the inside to keep your pet warm and cozy this winter.

8. Heated Beds

heated pet bed

Want your pet to be able to comfortably hang out with you on the porch or in the garage during the temperature change? Your pet can chill alongside you with K&H Pet Products’ Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed. This bed has an internal thermostat that heats to the standard body temperature of dogs and cats. It also comes in small, medium, and large depending on your pet’s size!

9. Thermal-Bowls

thermal pet cat dog bowl for winter

To make sure your pet’s water doesn’t freeze out in the cold weather, try out K&H Pet Products’ Thermal Bowl. No matter what the temperature is outside, this bowl will keep your pet’s drinking water unfrozen and palatable.

10. Indoor Activities

indoor activity pet treat dispensing dog toy

If your pup hates the winter weather outside, they may not receive as much exercise as they would during the warmer weather. To keep your dog or cat active inside, try out some toys or food puzzles to keep them busy. Planet Dog created the Orbee Tuff Snoop which is a dog toy with a deep crevice where you can hide treats for your dog to try and release! This toy can keep your pup busy for hours while they nudge and pounce to try and get the prize out.  And for feline friends, try out a cat tree for your cat to get some extra jumps and stretching in. FurHaven Pet Products has many different cat playgrounds to choose from! Many include scratching posts, various levels to jump on, ladders, and more to entertain your cat when it’s too cold to go outside.

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